-Katie- A little about myself

I’m Katie 🙂

I’m 23 years old and live in Victoria, Australia.

I have an amazing and supportive partner named Chris – who won’t be mentioned in this blog as much as he should be (as he is almost always at my side) mainly because he is going through a very similar thing to me, and therefore has his own story to tell.

We currently live in our own house, however my step-sister is staying with us until she can get back on her feet – which is actually pretty awesome!

We have lots of pets (a python, two lizards, a scorpion, a dog, and approx 120 fish).

I own and operate my own business (I took on one of my Step Father’s stores independently as he wanted to downsize his business, and I wanted to grow my own), again, with the help of Chris.

I had never planned on recording my journey, until I stumbled across Joe Kennedy whose blog I stumbled upon in the attempt to find some inspiration to draw from.

Although he is probably not aware, Joe and his blog/YouTube channel has helped me in a big way – hence the thought that I could possibly do the same for someone else.

I have smoked cigarettes for 9 years, and marijuana for approx 7-8 years.

This is the journey of my quitting both these habits, starting with the weed!

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2 Commentsto -Katie- A little about myself

  1. x0katie0x says:

    ^^ This is what happens when you smoke too much and for too long, I am actually 24 years old lol

  2. Joe Kennedy says:

    That is a little funny Katie. Last night on the Seattle daily newspaper site I was commenting and said the name of this blog was HowIStoppedSmokingPot.com – it took me 3 comments to get it right – and they would not let me delete my bad comments …

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