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I should start off this post by pointing out that I first came across Joe’s blog while researching ways of dealing with/preventing nightmares.

While it is very possible that you may experience bad dreams while quitting, I am so far unable to find anyone else experiencing the same as me with regard to both the frequency and extremity of nightmares.
I initially started smoking to help deal with my insomnia, and am beginning to think that my previous sleeping issues and my current problems are somewhere, somehow connected.

Please do not let the following scare you or put you off, as I believe this is (I am) an extremely rare case!

My nightmares started in Bali on about day 4 of quitting, when I had a dream that I had got home from Bali and immediately started smoking again.
When I woke up, I actually thought for a while that I had started again (weird, huh!?)

On about day 7 these ‘annoying’ dreams, started turning into worse and worse nightmares.

I have had nightmares before, however these dreams are no less than horrific (and involve things like rape, murder, death of family etc.) and they even play on my mind all the following day.
Aside from that, I was constantly tired because when I woke up -often either screaming or crying- I was too scared to fall back asleep in feat of the nightmare continuing or repeating.

I know it’s easier to just smoke and not worry about it (or so people kept tell me) but… well… you know!
I’m pretty keen to kick it for good.

I have taken sleeping pills for the last 9 nights because I am actually petrified to fall asleep without them.
Due to the healthy lifestyle I am trying to create, I would really like to do this without the use of medication.

I have tried cutting out caffeine and TV before bed, taking magnesium supplements, sleeping with relaxing music and many other things.

I do understand that the nightmares are a normal side effect of the withdrawals – but don’t know if I am mentally strong enough to deal with the extremity of them.

If anyone has any hints or tips on how I might be able to combat this, I would be ever so appreciative.

Katie x x

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