DAY 5. Messed up sleeping pattern and weird dreams.

Hi Guys,

DAY 05.

Negative Thoughts:

Had a rough night last night. Went to bed around 1:30am and got to sleep soon after.

Then woke up from a weird dream around 2:30am but got back to sleep.

But then had constant crazy, very vivid dreams and woke up at 4:30am from a rough one (some dude was about to stab me with a butcher knife in a restaurant).

I couldn’t get back to sleep after that even after a warm milk with a shot of Scoth thrown in.

I managed to get back to sleep at 7:15am just before my alarm went off for 7:30am.

I felt like crap with the sweats etc.

I decided I wasn’t fit to work this week and went to the Doctor today for a Cert.

I’m off now until Monday next.

Positive thoughts:

I now feel a little more relaxed knowing I can concentrate on me this week.

I had a serious urge to break my fast today after going to the doctor’s but said NO. Still off the Doobies. 😉

My appetite is better today. (I had forgotten to mention that it was screwed and that I was only eating once a day since quitting.)

I’ve eaten twice today. Yummy!

I will write more tomorrow instead.



PS: Thank again Joe and Katie. I feel as if I am being a little selfish here and only writing about myself and not supporting you guys. Probably just in my head.

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  1. Katie says:

    *sings* "Paranoia, paranoia everybody's coming to get me…. "
    LOL Sorry, couldn't help myself (top song)!

    Don't be silly, you are an awesome support!
    I find just reading the updates from you guys helps me greatly – I think it's just knowing I'm not alone in all of this… ya know!? (bar Chris obviously 😉 )

    Anywhoo – it's great that you have taken a bit of extra time for yourself!!
    I was going to suggest it the other day – but can't remember (If I ever knew) what you do and sometimes that's just not an option… Good for you!! (y) <— hope pic thing works!

    It's also awesome that your appetite is coming back!!
    You should find soon – if not already – that your taste buds will come back and everything tastes better!! This is so far my favourite part about quitting!!

    Keep doing what you are doing mate!!!

    Katie x x

  2. Richie says:


  3. Joe Kennedy says:

    So sorry about the dreams – but they will subside Mr. Richie! It's good that your appetite is coming back too – I'm thinking that may help with your sleeping patterns as well.

    It's good that you are focusing on YOU – but it is in your head if you think you are being selfish, because you're being a great support to both Katie and I – and I'm also an inspiration to many who have not yet chimed in.

    Keep up the great work!

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