Day 26 – Smiles all round :-D


Today is day 26 for me (I’m pretty sure) and everything is cruising along smoothly.

I will start with the only negative that I have at this point (other than the fact that I didn’t kick the pot 7 years ago)  –
I seem to be drinking more excessively than usual, which I think is partly my way of dealing with kicking one habit – like when I stopped biting my nails, I started biting the inside of my cheek (weird, I know).
I don’t have a drinking problem or anything, and still only drink a few times a week, but when I do drink – I seem to knock back more than I used to.
I think this is also because I used to smoke A LOT while drinking.

Now for the positives –
I am sleeping better now, having nearly no nightmares!
Because of ^^ this, it is MUCH easier to get out of bed in the morning
My complexion has improved even more since my last post (I’m on my way to flawless skin WHOOO)
I am much more energetic
I have more time to do the little things that I used to overlook – and LOVE waking up in a spotless house every morning almost every morning
I am generally a happier person, with more patience – something I have only found in the past few days, especially when tested by work or idiot drivers
I no longer have cravings at all to smoke – and can’t believe that I did for so long!!
My memory has improved even more – I am for the first time in years actually able to remember clients names and job details (I see a lot of people in my shop every day and could never keep up with who was who)
And one of the biggest positives is that I haven’t loaded the weight on, as I had when attempting to quit previously

There are so many more up sides – but I am on my lunch break and had better get back inside.
Hoping to add more later.


Peace 🙂

Katie x x

One Commentto Day 26 – Smiles all round :-D

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    That is SO AWESOME Katie – I am VERY happy for you! GREAT JOB! All positives – makes me smile.

    Definitely the best thing I have heard all day! Thank you for sharing and keeping us up to date!

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