Three Weeks in the Bag(gie)

Well today is Day 22 of my own personal quest to “kick the habit”, that is to quit smoking marijuana.  I now have a full 21 days, or three complete weeks, in the bag(gie).

As I said in my video yesterday, it almost seems like it has been too easy.  I even had the guts to bring out a jar of “medical marijuana yesterday to enjoy the aroma – and try to tempt myself.  It was no contest – I’ve already made my decision.  I’ve already lived far too many of my years stoned from “Wake and Bake” to bong hits before bedtime.

Still the same, I know that now is when I need to be especially careful to keep making good decisions, instead of falling back into the same old habits.

It is fairly interesting to note that so far I’ve been able to make this change without having to change my environment (although a looming change in my environment will definitely help ease my frustration level and greatly increase my quality of life).

It’s been a couple of days since Katie has checked in here.  Sure hope that she is just busy enjoying life and that we haven’t ‘lost’ her and Chris.

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