Day 33 – Not even tempted!!

Hey Hey!!

Wow – it really has been a while since I have updated!!
I have still been following the page closely, but haven’t posted for a couple of reasons
1 – I’m in the process of moving house, while still working full time
2 – I really don’t even know what to say!

It’s day 33 for me!! Yay!! I have passed 1 month!!
Everything is peachy-keen at the moment!!

I haven’t had even the slightest desire to smoke weed in ages!!
I also haven’t had a nightmare in over a week, and have managed to kick the sleeping pills I was so scared of sleeping without (previous posts will explain why if you don’t know of my past issues with sleeping)

The only thing that still really gets me down is that even though a lot of my mates can see most of my positive changes since quitting, they continue to put it in the ‘too hard basket’.
I just wish they could be me for 24 hours and actually LIVE the benefits!!
It’s hard to try and encourage someone to quit when they simply aren’t interested (without sounding like a preacher anyway – and that’s just not my style!

I do have a birthday coming up (Jan 28th I’m turning 25 yay!!) and can’t wait to be sober on by  birthday for the first time in years and years!!
Hell – I might even remember it!!
One thing I am really excited about is catching up with my mates (a lot of whom smoke… a lot) and not even being tempted to partake!!
This will be a first for me!!

I had better leave it at that – as I’m at work :-/

Will try and check back in soon!!

Thanks again to Joe and Richie for all your help and the inspiration you constantly provide (a lot of the time without even realising that you are).

Much love x x


One Commentto Day 33 – Not even tempted!!

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Katie! I’m so happy for you and very proud of you too!

    It is so cool that you are so upbeat and positive – and that you have gotten past the nightmares and sleeping pills too! Woohoo!

    Don’t worry about your mates – eventually they will come around – or not. They can still be your friends, but you must might not to be around them as much when they are smoking. You could tell them that if your mate Joe in the States can do it (especially after 38 years), ANYONE can.

    Thank you for checking in. Hope your move is going well and you love your new place. Say hey to Chris too – it sounds like he’s a keeper!

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