How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 29 Focusing on Positives and Priorities

Today is Day 29 in my personal quest to stop smoking the evil weed. It has not been without struggles and frustrations, but overall it has been fairly easy and I am very thankful that I’ve been able to take care of this terrible situation, due in big part to all the great support and encouragement I’ve had along the way.

I say ‘terrible situation’ because I feel more that a little guilty for all the time that I’ve squandered – even though those days are in my past. I no longer feel the need to slow down, ‘mellow out’ or dumb myself down – it doesn’t do anyone any good for me to do that.

Focus and clarity have been slowly creeping back into my brain – probably for the first time since I was a Little Leaguer and all I could and would ever think about was playing baseball. Not surprisingly, I was pretty good back then and although I did have a limited amount of success all the way up through my last game in semi-pro in San Diego when I snapped my humerous bone while throwing a fastball – my downfall started the day when I took my first toke (as a 12 year old). If you are a kid, or know one – PLEASE learn by my mistake and DON”T START smoking pot – at all. Not even one toke – not even once in awhile. It really is NOT cool and you run the risk of ending up like me – unemployed at age 50 and living in a garage. Let me tell you – it sucks!

The good news is that I am starting again and I am totally now focusing on my priorities: 1) Staying away from Pot – if I don’t, I know I’ll slip back into my old self and may never get clear again. To do this I know I must continue to eat healthy, exercise, read and write. 2) My daughter – my motto since she was born has been “It’s All About Jackie”. It’s even written above my door (in the previously mentioned garage). Now I really get to start living it. 3) My business with Solavei and – since nobody will seem to give me any work or even respond to employment inquiries and applications, I have found that I need to take matters into my own hands and work this great opportunity. My goal is to personally help 1,000 save money on their cell bills and/or help them make an extra $1000 or more each and every month.

Those are my three priorities and that’s where my focus is going. I do have a lot of other interests and involvement, but EVERYTHING else is secondary at this point. Sorry if that offends you or causes you questions, but that is the way that it needs to be – and the way that it is.

Thank you very much for your support and positive vibes.

2 Commentsto How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 29 Focusing on Positives and Priorities

  1. Katie says:

    Congratulations on day 29!! That’s awesome!!

    I couldn’t agree more with your warning for people to just NOT START SMOKING!!

    I am certainly doing well, and sorry I haven’t been on as much – I have been absolutely flat out (am moving house)

    Day 33 for me, and I have absolutely no desire to smoke whatsoever!!
    It’s awesome!!

    I have a birthday coming up (Jan 28th) and it will be awesome to catch up with all my mates (most of them smokers) and not even be tempted!!

    Joe I think you are doing sooooo well – especially with still being around it and not being tempted to partake!! Good work!!
    You/you’re efforts continue to inspire me – and others I’m sure!!

    Keep on keeping on man!!
    x x

  2. Joe Kennedy says:

    YOU are inspiring me Katie! So happy for you!

    Happy Clean Birthday to you in one week!

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