Marie QUITS! Day 1

Just threw out all my stash, pipes, papers, etc. Went to a concert last night and did not feel like smoking but did it anyway, and as a result did not enjoy the concert as much as I would have if I had remained sober (weird?? Not weird, just atypical, for me).

I have been struggling to quit for many years, and my husband is also a smoker. I have gone as long as a year without pot in the past, but usually no more than three months. My husband often will be the one to “break” the abstinence. Last time, one week ago, after a week of abstinence, HE was the one who got mad at me for bringing it back – YAY! He has never wanted to quit before, it was always me. Now that he wants to quit, I think it will be a whole lot easier. If he gives in and brings some home, I will remember that it does not have to affect my personal mission.

Also I am just now realizing, as I write this, that I have quit for three months several times in the past. Hmmm…. three months from now is… Christmas! Then New Year, which is also my birthday. Lots of excuses around that time… but looking ahead now, and planning for that, will help, I think. Today I will brainstorm a bit about what that time might be like when I am experiencing all of the benefits of being sober (I don’t drink) and also What the new year will bring and how much more I will be able to enjoy and accomplish.

And being that it is day 1, I am going to do a classic “replacement” method of quitting, by beginning a daily meditation practice. I will start with 10 minutes. Today I will do it at 5pm (my husband gets home from work at around 5:30).

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  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Congratulations on making the decision to quit Marie! Glad that your husband is onboard for this – but you are right – he doesn’t have to be for you to stick to your own decision.

    You are going to have a GREAT rest of this year – and a FANTASTIC 2014!!!! YooHoo!!!!

  2. Marie says:

    Thanks Joe! Thanks for starting this!

  3. Angel says:

    Hey Marie, that is awesome! Yes, it is very hard when your partner is also a smoker. I’ve been in a five year relationship where all we did was talk about quitting and how unhealthy it was for us but then we’d always enable each other into smoking again. It was a vicious cycle!!!
    It’s so easy to go back but you made the first step to throw away all your paraphernalia. When I was throwing my things out before I quit, it kind of hurt because a month before I purchased a $250 vaporizer. I thought about giving it to someone who smoked but then it hit me…why would I want to enable someone else into a lifelong journey of haze?

    Anyways, you GO GIRL!!!! Can’t wait to read more posts.

  4. Marie says:

    Thanks so much Angel! Your note today was great – I actually called a dispensary today to see if I could get a reprint of my prescription document which I had torn up. They said, yes, it would be $25. I hung up, thinking, hmmm… then thank God I got your message! Not that I was on my way over there or anything, but your input certainly pushed that evil thought way way back. Thanks so much for writing!

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