How I Quit Smoking Pot: Bit in the Balls by a Diamondback Rattlesnake

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Day 11 and I actually slept fairly well last night, but the night before I woke up out of a violent dream – thrashing, yelling and might have broken my toe by kicking the wall next to my bed …

One of the strange things that I’ve noticed about my recent nightmares is that they have some of the same recurring characters …. very strange.

Besides having nightmares, I have been still experiencing a lot of irritability and am not a fun person to be around. I broke up with my girlfriend the other day, as I am learning about what I am willing and able to cope with – and what I am not.

She begged me to stay together and we did, but last night she apparently found out that she is no longer willing to deal with me … I feel bad for treating her badly and am sorry she cannot understand what I am going through. But at the same time, there is NOTHING more important to me right now than getting through this tough time.

I want more in my life!  Apparently I need to find a new place to live a little quicker than was planned ….

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