How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 15 Almost Eaten by a Lioness Today is Day 15 since I last smoked marijuana. My mood seems to be leveling off and I did not have (or at least remember) any dreams (or nightmares) for a couple of nights – until last night / this morning.

Earlier in the past week, I had experienced some dreams with recurring characters. This morning I experienced a dream with a recurring location – very strange. I was lead into a very large fenced in area with a chain link fence about 8 feet tall – think of a large exhibit in a zoo.

The zoo keeper who let me in and shut the gate behind me, gave me a pair of six shooters (pistols) to wear around my waist on a gun belt – just like in the old west. Then the gate was shut.

I was feeling a bit exhilarated, although calm, when I looked around me and saw some wild animals. A giraffe, a couple of buffaloes and more. It felt pretty cool to be so close to a buffalo – such a large animal.

Then across the yard I saw a large female lion walking around. I was looking at her and then out of the corner of my eye, I see another lioness checking ME out and strolling my way. I tried to remain calm, but slowly but quickly started making my way toward the fence. I could not tell if I could make it to the fence in time to climb over if she decided to attack – but she started at me quickly so I had to find out. I made it to and over the fence just in time to avoid being mauled and eaten.

The ‘zoo keeper’ came and helped me up and dusted me off. He started laughing and pointed at the guns around my waist and said “I guess you didn’t want to use the guns”. I had totally forgot that I even had them – and am not sure if I would have used them had I remembered.

Not sure what this dream means, but I don’t call it a nightmare because I made it out alive – and so did the lioness.

Do you have any idea what this meant? I’d love to hear your interpretations …

By the way, the link that I mentioned in the video about legal marijuana stores opening up here in my hometown of Bellevue can be found at:

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