Message for Joe… :)

Hey Joe old friend, (re-post because it didn’t post last time)

Sorry to hear buddy. But hey, shit happens. You’ll quit again no problem. 😉

As I told you last year, I had started smoking again last Easter after quitting smoking 2nd of January 2013. It may sound weird but I had actually planned to go back on it. I didn’t give-in or so. It was planned because I had Easter free and couldn’t afford holidays so decided to get bunched for the 2 weeks. Anyway, then I was back on it worse than before because when my work contract in finished up in June I started smoking seriously heavily again accept much worse than before when I was only smoking in the evening. Now I was smoking after my breakfast then all day until I crashed. I was smoking very potent (Sticky Hash) which is apparently more potent that any weed (so I have read somewhere). Lovely stuff to smoke but this soon led to a very nasty all-day addiction where I was chain smoking whenever I was awake. This was much worse than my previous addiction. It also made me extremely unfit and was costing me over 100€ a week. That’s a lot of f**king money. It came to a point where 5 minutes after putting one out I would need to skin another. My health deteriorated to a point where I developed serious throat problems due to excess hash resin/tar in my throat and I done my vocal chords in to my point I could hardly talk any more (for over 4 months). I knew this was bad news now and knew things had to stop. I was afraid of throat cancer now. F**k that.

At the end of October 2013 I had planned on going to my family for Christmas (even though I could now hardly talk) and decided I wanted (needed) to quit period. I didn’t want to be going through the whole nasty withdrawal thing again while I was there so on the 1st of November I quit again.

This time it was physically much, much harder quitting than last time due to smoking way more and way more potent stuff than before. The insomnia this time was bad news. I am not joking but for 6 weeks I was getting 2 to 3 hours sleep an night between 2 and 5am. That was it. It was a proper de-tox. I was nasty.

Anyway Joe, I am writing this to you now because there is a positive outcome to encourage you… 🙂

I got through it. When I was dealing with the insomnia I started using the awake time training (jogging 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday and heaving training (pull-ups, sit-ups…etc) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). I didn’t over do it because I knew my amune system was shot due to fatigue and I upped my vitamin/carb/protein intake to compensate. I trained to try and make myself tired so I could sleep but it didn’t help my insomia at all which surprised me. Not a bit. Anyway, the end effect was that I ended up very fit when I came out the other end. Nice compensation.

My throat problem was serious and my vocal chords were operated on in February. I have since recovered and can talk again.

I have still quit and am still not smoking, I am still training, I drink less. I eat healthy and I feel re-born. 🙂

My main point that I wanted to say to you Joe is that, although quitting this time was for me physically much, much harder than before, it was mentally a piece of cake having done it before. Really. Mentally it was easy the 2nd time around because thanks to your (and Katie’s) help last time I knew what to expect and I knew I could do it.

So my words of support here to you are:

Joe, You will quit again no problem old friend because you now know what to expect this time and what you gotta do. Psychologically a piece of cake.

I haven’t bought it or had it in my house it since 1st of November (nearly 7 months). I didn’t even bother counting days I quitted this time because I simply knew that I would do it no matter what de-tox threw at me.

Also, I have been around or visited friends who smoke on occasion and I can now actually allow myself the odd social hit which was fine because I know I have psychologically absolutely no intention of going back my old ways. I can take the odd hit at a party or whatever and then forget it happened next day. That’s a nice place to be where I can do that without any concern.

You can and will do it again as I did.

You are Boss,


Much love,



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  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Wow Richie my friend – I am really glad to hear from you.

    You sure have been through A LOT. I’m sorry to hear about your physical problems, but glad that you have made it thru stronger, healthier and happier.

    I’ve come to realize that for me, if I smoke once, I will want to smoke again and again. It’s better for me just to stay away from it – but I do realize that there are people who can just use it socially or in the evening on occasion and that’s great for them.

    Today is Day 24 and although there have been some irritability and insomnia issues – and some weird dreams, it has not been a struggle at all. It is interesting to me that this time around, I’ve had some really strange dreams, but not what I would call nightmares …

    Please do keep in touch – I care about you and wish you only the best! BTW – have you heard from our Aussie friend Katie at all?

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