How to Quit Smoking Pot – Rule #1 Get Plenty of Sleep

You can tell I look like crap in this video and it’s because I have been breaking the Number 1 Rule when it comes to quitting smoking marijuana.

No – it’s not not lighting a joint (that’s a given) – my Rule #1 for quitting weed is to get plenty of sleep.
I haven’t been getting enough sleep because I am on a count down to going to Hawaii (96 days) and have been hitting the gym at 3am so that I can work out in peace and get a swim lane. DON’T do what I’ve been doing – make sure to get plenty of sleep.

Even when you first quit, you might have a bit of insomnia, you should still make sure that you get your sleep – regardless of when. BTW – I’ve made some changes to the website and would like to get your feedback – and don’t forget to subscribe!

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