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Joe 'The Hair Farmer' Kennedy December 2012

Joe ‘The Hair Farmer’ Kennedy December 2012

Lots of Reasons to Quit Smoking Pot

Joe ‘Tesla’ Kennedy July 2014

I really wanted to write a August 1st update, but didn’t get (make) the opportunity.  I’d like to welcome new bloggers here at HowIQuitSmokingPot.com Melissa and clearmyhead.  They have both recently quit smoking weed and I will let them each tell their own stories.

Not only am I looking forward to reading their stories and about their journey without pot, I think that it will help each of them along the way.  I know that writing on this blog and making videos has really helped me a lot ….  I’ve come a long way since I made my first video for this blog back in December of 2012.  Have you seen this?  (I hope you don’t scare easy).  See any differences?

BTW – if you want to share your story on this blog, just let me know and we’ll get you signed up.  It helped me quit and it might help you too!

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