First 100 Days Without Marijuana: How I Quit Smoking Pot

Today I celebrate my first 100 days without pot in my life. So far, really great. Not without life challenges, but life is much, much better while not having to rely on any substance to help make me relax, feel better, or just cope with the day.

Although 100 days is a milestone and I want to celebrate my victories, it really seems that its been a lot longer since I last smoked pot. That’s probably because I went about 350 days without pot last year before ‘falling down’ and letting weed back into my life for the entire ski season …

Since that time, for the first time in my life, I have declared to myself (and publicly) that I no longer want or need marijuana in my life. Life is good and there is so much that I appreciate.

I appreciate that I no longer rely on pot to make me feel better or cope with the stresses of life. Thank you.

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