100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5 Coughing Resin Balls But Feeling Good

100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5 and All is Good

This video is on the 100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5. Things are going really well.

I’m feeling good, my energy level has increased, I’ve been working out once or twice every day and being very productive. This time around I am not (at least yet) feeling the symptoms that I did when I quit a couple of times before. My belief is that it’s because I really was not smoking nearly as heavy – or as long as I had in the past.

One thing that is not covered in this video is that I am extremely humbled by all the emails and messages that I have been getting from people all around the globe. I’m extremely happy that I have been able to inspire and help a good number of people who have similar experiences to me.

Hey, as I’ve said many times – if I can quit anyone can.

This 100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5 is all about trying to get others involved. I’d really like to see those dope smokers who say they can stop anytime to actually prove that they can. Maybe they will realize that life can be pretty good without weed – and that they don’t really need it in their lives. Who knows? Maybe they will just decide to cut down and live healthier. Maybe they will choose to not make any changes. But at least they’ll know they can stop smoking pot for 100 days and what it feels like.

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Read forward to see how I am doing on Day 8 of the 100 Day No Weed Challenge.

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