Former Stoners Conquer the Hackers!

Stoners Conquer HackersHey Everyone – sorry that this site has been down a bit over the past couple weeks.  Hackers attacked one of my hosts’ servers and took down a bunch of my sites, so I’m having to move them over to more secure servers with beefier security.  To clarify, this was not an attack on people wanting to quit smoking weed – they took down a bunch of different types of sites.  It’s been painful, especially during the first couple weeks of my 100 Day No Weed Challenge, but I’ll fight through it and my sites will get better and stronger because of it.

Looks like I was able to import the posts correctly, but because of security concerns any previous author’s logins have changed so if you cannot login to your account contact me at and I will get you a new password.

Don’t have much time to redesign the site right now, but should get it looking a bit better over the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for your patience and support.


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