100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 18 – Let Me Hear from You!

In this video I talk on Day 18 of my 100 Day No Weed Challenge. It’s going really well, except that I have been battling a super bad hacking attack on almost 20 or my websites, including HIQSP.

I’m having to rebuild most of these hacked sites from scratch, which is going to take a lot of time – especially considering some of my other web projects right now. That said, if you were blogging or going to blog on the HIQSP site, please let me know and I will need to get you a new login. I’m really sorry for the hassle, but glad to have the worst of the hacking attack behind me.

The other day I got a message from a subscriber who said he had been following me for a long time – but he had never even made a comment on one video. If you are out there watching these videos and/or reading the blog posts – let me hear from you! I want to hear your story. It helps motivate me to make more videos and write more blog posts. It’s also just super cool to hear from people from different parts of this amazing planet.

I really want to hear from some die-hard stoners and tokers – why won’t you take me up on the 100 Day No Weed Challenge? It’s only 100 days … What are you scared of?

4 Commentsto 100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 18 – Let Me Hear from You!

  1. Emily Rowland says:

    Hi Joe, I thought your YouTube video was great and really brave I know how much of a sensitive subject this is. I’m 30 years old been smoking since the age of 15 for recreational purposes/escapism etc had the same kind of effect on my as you, I too have an addictive personality. I believe it’s held me back for half my life, anyway I am on day 7 of quitting having tried and failed for a couple years, feeling great and like this is really it this time! Great to find websites like this with people in common. Keep up the good work Joe x

    • Emily Rowland says:

      I am from England, a town called Crewe (home town of Bentley/rolls Royce lol)

    • Elizabeth Scott says:

      Hi Emily – thanks for writing! I know of Crewe because of Bentley and Rolls Royce – have a site dedicated to Luxury Fitness and Fun!

      You have never failed to quit, unless you quit trying. Remember that words do matter. Congratulations on your first 7 days – that’s really good and the hardest part.

      Please keep checking in with me – and let me know how you are doing.


  2. Nicky says:

    Hey Joe….an old face here (Nicky). I quit a long time ago thanks to your blogs/videos and then caved in again after a minor car accident – long story but let’s just say my nerves were shot to pieces and I couldn’t sleep one day and it seemed like a good idea.
    So my intention is to stop again as of today and join the 100 day challenge. Summer is the hardest time of the year for me to quit but I’ve done it before and hopefully I can again.
    So here I go again….and already I’m thinking ‘should I wait until there 1st of the month’ blah blah blah…but no I’m seriously going to give this a bash after nearly 10 months of smoking again.
    I’m looking forwards to the positive energy that I get when I’m not smoking but dreading the ‘stressful moments’ when a spliff seems like just what the doctor ordered.

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