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Day 12! still going strong!

Its now day 12 , and im feeling fresher than ever, the thoughts about weed have gradually diminished, i am now able to see my pot smoking friends without being worried that ill give in to temptation. feeling 100 times more sociable and more articulate when im speaking to people. I have been getting a few mood swings but thats to be expected. once i get over that theres no problems atall.

All i have to do is keep going ! It has been alot easier than i thought, my friends and family seem to be proud , although i still have a way to go,

Ive set myself a target of 40 days weed free then after that i no longer have to count the days. i can carry on living life without being a slave to the weed! Id like to thank JC for giving me the motivation in the first place to stop it all together, it was a massive help. Looking forward to another weekend of freshness and a clear head!

Happy friday!

Ill keep posting so keep reading!

Alex , Northampton , England.


day 1 of not smoking weed

first of all thanks JC for the login, now i start my journey, ive been smoking weed for 7 years now about a gram or two a day, i am now 24 and have been wanting to kick the habit for many months now, i stumbled across JCs first video back in 2012 when he began his journey , and it just motivated me that little bit more, so here i am. I have cleared out my room of all the things that remind me of weed (grinder, ashtray, baggys, even some music i listen to has gone) i cleaned it from top to bottom and had a clear out in order to find space for the new and positive energy that ive longed for!, now is the hard part, i wrote a list off all the good things that will come from quitting, so i can remind myself everytime i have an urge. So day 1 is going well, although all i have thought about today is weed, i am constantly reminding myself of the new me. Which helps alot. So hopefully i can get some sleep tonight! I plan to post every week to let you guys know how im feeling and hopefully we can share some advice and support.

thanks for reading

Alex, Northampton , England.


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