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Welcome to How We Quit Smoking Pot Cindy G!

I’m very happy to welcome a new blogger here at How We Quit Smoking Pot – Cindy G!  Please give her a warm welcome as she has just started her journey without weed and like the rest of us, will only benefit from our unconditional support.

I won’t tell you where she lives or give you any background on her – I will leave that to Cindy to do if she chooses.

Always happy to have someone else join in and document their experience – it has surely helped me live without pot for the last 354 days – but who is counting?  😉

11 Months With No Pot – Almost a Slip-Up ….

Yesterday marked the 11th month since I quit smoking pot – and I almost slipped up.

I’ve been pretty sick the last few days, but have still had to be working long, hard hours on a job that is not much fun – standing and talking to people for 10.5 hours a day.  In ordinary circumstances, I would have just stayed home and in bed, getting much needed rest.  This is not an ordinary job and I cannot just call in sick.

It’s been tough just to get through the days – but what has been making it harder is that just down the aisle in the warehouse, they are selling fresh holiday wreaths, made of pine branches.  I’m constantly getting whiffs of them all day long – many times these smells are just like a really tasty bud-like smell.  On several occasions, I swear I was talking to people who had just smoked before walking in. Read More …

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