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8 days….and feeling absolutely sweeeeeeeet

Ok so I just dumped hash last week, Sunday night was my last spliff.

Monday – all day long, the only thing I thought about was having a spliff…especially at those times of the day when I would always roll up!

I was a little irritable Tuesday and Wednesday but it came to a head on Friday. This was mainly down to the fact that on Thursday night I experienced the dreaded insomnia. Obviously by Friday night I was emotional and exhausted…

BUT – and here’s the BUT…from Saturday onwards I can honestly say all cravings have gone, I feel like my old self, I have energy again, I am getting up without that heavy headed feeling and I am getting SO I MUCH MORE DONE! Don’t get me wrong, I studied a bachelors degree stoned but that’s because I spent so many hours alone and it was my comfort thing – now that’s all over, I need to get out into the word and the hash was definitely putting barriers up in that department.

Anyway I will write again and hopefully I’ll be in double figures by the next time.



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