As you can tell from reading the text below, which was the original ‘About’ page on this blog, the original intent behind this blog was to document my personal journey while quitting the use of marijuana.  Within a couple of days, a few people had found my videos on YouTube and made it over here to the blog.  Within a week or so, both of my new friends, Katie (from down under in Australia) and Richie (from an undisclosed location in Europe) had joined me blogging here and we all became support for each other – and probably for many more who have not chimed in.

I’m very happy that this is no longer just about my journey – even though I’m the only one crazy enough to show my face, full name, etc.  Then again, I am the only one of the group so far who lives in a place where smoking pot is actually legal (as voted by Washington state voters in November 2012).

Anyone else who wants to join us and might benefit from some support and encouragement is welcome to join us.  Just leave a comment on one of the posts or email me at HowIQuitSmokingPot(at)gmail.com

This was the original ‘About” page, which is no longer appropriate, but I want to leave it up for a little while.

I started writing this blog on December 30, 2012 (3 days after my 50th birthday).  At that (this?) point, I have had only been not smoking pot for 6 days.  I am still fighting off urges to smoke marijuana, but every morning I wake up, I am feeling stronger, healthier and feeling much better about myself.

This blog, “How I Quit Smoking Pot”, is meant to be an outlet for me to document my journey to returning to living weed-free, which I have not done in a very long time.  I am making it public as a way to reinforce my commitment to living as healthy a life as possible.

I apologize in advance to anyone who may be embarrassed by MY actions and will work very hard to protect those who need (and deserve) protecting – and everyone else too 😉  It is not my intention to hurt anyone – especially friends and family, only to help myself heal, get to optimal health and finally get to be the person I was put on the planet to be.

I started smoking pot when I was 12 years old.  A fellow little league teammate (and a current friend on Facebook who has not smoked in years) told me “I’m gonna get you stoned – and I don’t mean with rocks”.  By the end of the next school year (7th grade at Bellevue Junior High School in Bellevue Washington), I was pretty much an every day user.  Since then, I have pretty much been an every day user, usually several times a day – although there have been a few gaps when I stopped for various reasons – usually appearances, employment and/or drug testing.

I have been a medical marijuana patient for many, many years – in fact was among the first MMJ patients in California in 1996 when Proposition 215 was the first medical marijuana law passed in the United States (and the entire planet as far as I know).

Having lived in Washington state for most of the last 8 years, I have been a MMJ patient here too – giving me even easier access to pot than most people.  Although it is well known and has been documented that even people with no medical issues have been easily able to become ‘legal’ medical marijuana patients, I am one of the many who do actually have medical problems that are helped with the use of marijuana – and I have the medical history and records to prove it, having suffered a very bad neck and back injury while working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska.

In reality, MMJ has really helped me cope and helped me deal with constant pain and other issues relating to my injury and I am a little frightened that I may suffer in the future since I am done smoking anything – but at the same time, hopeful that my other coping mechanisms (working out, clean eating, reading and writing) will help me past any issues.

Despite it’s therapeutic benefits, I feel like I have become far too dependent on marijuana (medical or otherwise) and it is having too many negative effects on my life for me to continue using it.

Just last month, Washington voters passed WA Initiative 502 to legalized personal use of marijuana for anyone 18 years of age and older.  I did vote to help this pass, not because it was a perfect or even well-written law, but because I believe it is a step in the right direction.  I think it is ridiculous to spend valuable law enforcement time on victim-less crimes such as drug use and possession.  My feeling is that the initiative passed mostly because of financial reasons – many people just want to see pot taxed so that they might get more governmental services – or have to pay less tax. (but that is just my feeling).

Although medical marijuana has been ‘legal’ for me for over 15 years and I have more rights as a MMJ patient than as a ‘normal’ citizen here in Washington state, the fact that it is now ‘legal’ here is very foreign to me – and hasn’t really changed anything for me personally.  Except – since it is now legal, it seems like a very good time to stop using this drug.  favicon

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  1. Katie says:

    Hi there!
    First of all, I really appreciate you making your journey public (please don’t listen to anyone who advises against it – you really are helping me (and others I’m sure)
    I am also giving up the green (day 15 for me – my best attempt yet).

    I don’t want to bore you – so in short:
    I don’t have a lot of will power. Sucky – but that’s the way it is! This will be attempt 4 of quitting – after 10 years smoking “full time” I guess you could call it.

    This time will be my last ‘attempt’.
    To combat my lack of will power in the first few days, my partner (also quitting with me) and I travelled to Bali for 7 days. I figured if I was taken away from my ‘dealer’ and ‘smoking friends’ and completely distracted myself that I wouldn’t struggle so much.
    Thankfully I was right!

    As I mentioned, this is day 15 for me.
    I am basically working on replacing my addiction with one of fitness (cross fit in particular) and a massive change in diet etc.

    The reason I stumbled across this video (and I’m so glad that I did) is because I am trying to find ways to deal with/prevent my nightmares.
    They started in Bali on about day 4, when I had a dream that I had got home from Bali and immediately started smoking again.
    When I woke up, I actually thought for a while that I had started again (weird, huh!?)

    On about day 7, these ‘annoying’ dreams, started turning into worse and worse nightmares.
    – I have had nightmares before, however these dreams are no less than horrific (and involve things like rape, murder, death of family etc. ) and they even play on my mind all the following day.

    I know it’s easier to just smoke and not worry about it (or so people tell me) but… well… you know! I’m pretty keen to kick it for good.

    I am wondering if you have found anything that has reduced your nightmares or even stopped them from happening?

    I have been taking sleeping pills for the last 6 nights because I am actually petrified to fall asleep without them.
    Due to the healthy lifestyle I am trying to create, I would really like to do this without the use of medication.

    If you have any hints/tips/or particular experiences that may help I’d be so appreciative.

    Once again mate, keep up the awesome work!
    You are truly an inspiration and I wish I had the balls to quit publicly like you are and have a chance at helping others.

    Thanks again, and peace x x x

    • admin says:

      Hi Katie – thanks for writing, your positive words and sharing your story! BTW – you would never bore me at all and I am always here to support you in any way I can.

      Congratulations on your successes! You should celebrate them each day (without weed of course).

      You are some days ahead of me – today is Day 11 for me. Very smart idea to get away to Bali to start off! I have a friend in San Diego who went to Australia to quit and ended up smoking a blunt – which confirmed to him that he wanted to stop. I don’t know a lot of people here in the states who mix tobacco and bud – it has ZERO appeal to me, as I’ve always hated cigarettes (although I did use snuff for many years – a nasty habit I was finally able to kick last year.

      Very sorry to hear about your nightmares. I did have one the other night and expect to have more – but nothing like you describe. Not sure I would take sleep aids – outside of natural stuff like Valerian or Melatonin, but really don’t have any experience in ways to deal with them. In everything I’ve read, it says to expect them, but that they subside fairly quickly.

      I am fortunate that I have exercised regularly most of my life – and started getting a little “hard core” about it almost a year and a half ago when I started what is my own version of I have come to know as “Eating Clean”. In short, exchanging eating right and exercise for using is a GREAT trade off and I ‘highly’ recommend it. (bad pun intended – sorry 😉 I think it will make this change much easier for me – I’m really striving for optimum health and there’s no way anyone can be as healthy as possible if they are smoking any amount of anything …

      As well as eating clean, I got a really good blender (Blendtec) and started blending and drinking a lot of vegetables EVERY day. It helps me feel great and I recommend to anyone wanting to get healthier.

      A really good book that helped me is called “How to Quit Drugs for Good” by Jerry Dorsman – who is a really great guy who I am now in communication with. You can find him through his website at http://self-renewal.com – if you write to him, he might be willing to give you some ideas about the nightmares. Please say hello for me if you do – and let me know if he has any suggestions on how to deal with them. I REALLY value his knowledge, opinion and his work.

      BTW – in his book, he does recommend making a contract with someone important to you (perhaps your partner?) or yourself, but not to tell everyone. I have a tendency not to always follow directions, thus this blog and all the YouTube videos … Not only that – the other day, I sent out an email to 4,628 of my closest friends (ok I don’t know all of them) – but the positive feedback I got was amazing and very humbling. I might have alienated a few people on the list, but I’ve already been able to connect with some really good, smart and powerful people who are in my corner because of it.

      Regardless of the outcome, it was something I just felt like I should do.

      Again, thank you for writing, please stay in touch, contact me any time (my email address is JoeConnector(at)gmail.com ). I appreciate your kind comments, but YOU are the real inspiration – keep on fighting. It will get easier very soon and you will reach your goal. It is your divine destiny!

      Joe “the Connector” Kennedy

  2. Richie says:

    Hi Joe,

    I came across your ‘How I Quit Smoking Pot – Perhaps the Most Truthful and Humbling Video I Have Ever Made’ Video just now on YouTube.

    It was nice to find such a recent video on this topic. Congratulations on your strength to quit up to this point. 😉

    I am a 40 year old guy who also wishes to simply stop smoking hash and move on with my life which I feel has been in limbo for years as my motivation has hit an all time low and I get nothing personal done anymore and always leave important personal and work related stuff to the last minute or don’t take care of things at all due to prioritising smoking over everything. My concentration at work has gotten really bad too because recently I have been staying up really late smoking and only getting on average 5 hours sleep a night. This makes me ‘brain-dead’ in the morning and it is a serious struggle to get our of bed and function at a work to a point that my boss has pulled me into meetings to question my performance on several occasions. This has cost me dearly and also financially too due to been fined for not paying bills on time even if I had the money but was too lazy to pay the bill due to smoking. I am reliant on hash to make me relax and feel ‘normal’ in the evenings. I used to be extremely motivated, proactive and social and all this behaviour make me feel like an idiot and a loser as I consider myself weak and quite pathetic for not quitting. I have been smoking daily (mostly only evenings after work or when my kid is in bed) for around 15 years straight (13 years weed and 2 years hash instead due to paranoia) and am extremely worried about the side effects of quitting (lack of concentration, depression, lack of focus, lack of sleep, irritable, aggressive…etc). I am always under serious pressure at work (project manager) and am concerned that I will not be able to function properly at work while withdrawing during the critical 6 to 8 week it can take to balance out and start feeling normal.

    I have always put off quitting due to it never being the ‘right time’ to deal with the withdrawal process. For example, I was to busy and stressed at work, my Mum was terminally sick (passed last year) or I didn’t want to spend my holiday going through withdrawals…etc.

    I have been thinking seriously about quitting for many years now. This Christmas just gone, I reduced my use as little (down to about 2 joints an evening and opposed to the usual 4 or so)

    I am back to work on Monday (7th Jan, 2013) and I have enough block left for about 2 joints this evening. I want this evening to by my last time smoking, try and get through the weekend and then stay off it. I am already fighting the urge to go and pick up some this evening.

    I have an addictive personality and usually have a couple of beers every evening too. However, my tolerance for alcohol is very high due to the this similar bad habit of ‘a beers every evening’. I also want to dump this bad habit and stop drinking Monday to Friday.

    In the past, when I could not get hash, I noticed that to compensate having no hash I would chain smoke cigarettes and end up drinking a lot more (probably 8 beers an evening as opposed to the usual 2) so that I could attempt to sleep.

    My goal is to quit hash first without my alcohol use going ‘over the top’ (which it probably will).

    Is there anything you can suggest in relation to my situation or to help me deal with the mental and physical withdrawals in relation to diet and habit…etc.?

    Any feed back at all is appreciated.

    Can I actually do this??

    Thanks Buddy and good luck,


    • Katie says:

      Hi Richie!
      I’m Katie – you may have read my previous comments to Joe.

      I wish you all the best in your awesome decision to quit smoking!!

      I really just wanted to stop by and answer your previous quistion “can I do this?”.
      – Yes! Yes you can!!

      I spent months asking myself the same question (especially since I have made several failed attempts previously) but i can assure you that it is possible – and you CAN do it!!

      It isn’t easy – and I want to offer you my full support and congratulations!

      If there’s any way in which I can help you through any tough moments – please do not hesitate to contact me!!
      My email address is katiecroberts@live.com 🙂

      • Richie says:

        Wow Katie,

        Just seen you message…

        Thank you kindly…

        5:37am now on Saturday morning and I still can’t sleep.

        Decided to take a couple of shots of Scotch with the hope of feeling tired.

        My god, it’s been 24 hours and my boozing is now 5 times the normal dosage and I feel like I haven’t drank at all.

        I’m starting to think that smoking is a healthier option (joke).

        Not looking forward to the nightmares when I do finally sleep. 🙁

        Thanks again guys,


        • Joe Kennedy says:

          Hi Richie – you might want to pick up some melatonin which will help naturally reset your body’s clock and help you get sleep. Here in the states it is fairly inexpensive and available over the counter, but I’m not sure about Germany. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melatonin

          Please don’t worry about the nightmares – not everyone has them – and I’ve only had one in almost two weeks. It wasn’t as bad for me as Katie has experienced – I just woke up thinking I had attended a party and shared a joint – but in reality, I was home in bed the entire time.

          My hope is that you stick with your plan – decide to get really healthy by eating better and with exercise. Before long you won’t need (or want) the cigarettes or to drink as much.

          My best to you!

          • Katie says:

            Oh yeah – I should have mentioned previously that I only found this blog while trying to seek help for my nightmares, but so far have been unable to find anyone else who has had such vivid, and terrifying nightmares

          • Katie says:

            I lost the rest of my comment,
            it basically said that I was diagnosed with insomnia at around 13 (hence my smoking in the first place) so I think that may be connected with my current sleeping issues 🙂

  3. Richie says:

    PS: Sorry, I just noticed all my typing errors. I type too fast. 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    Hi Joe!

    Thanks for your reply!! I will definitely read “How to Quit Drugs for Good” – thank you for the suggestion!
    I also just watched your most recent YouTube video and appreciate your kind words.
    I have actually started writing down most of my feelings and experiences etc. in the hope that one day I can look back at them (and maybe even have the balls to publish them online for others to read).

    I actually have a birthday coming up and getting a juicer!! I can’t wait!!
    I have been researching them for a couple of months now as there are so many conflicting views on the best type so hopefully it pays off!!

    I will definitely stay in contact, and thanks again for your help and response!

    Keep doing what you are doing – it’s awesome!!

    Katie x x

    PS. You are correct in associating my use of “mate” with my being Australian 😉

  5. Joe Kennedy says:

    I need to apologize to anyone who has attempted to make a comment or reply and has not been able to. I’ve tried twice myself and both of my long replies did not take. Sorry – I will try to fix.

  6. Joe Kennedy says:

    Hi Richie – thank you so much for writing. Just recognizing your challenges with cannabis and/or hash is a GREAT first step. I have no doubt at all that you will be successful in quitting. Not only can you do this – but you WILL! You owe it to yourself and your child.

    You will find yourself with more time and I suggest investing it productively with more positive habits, such as eating healthy, exercise, reading and writing have all helped me a lot. Other habits like smoking cigarettes and drinking are not productive, won’t make you feel better and are not healthy at all. I find striving for optimal health is pointing me in the right direction.

    I’ve also started to watch movies again – I have not had the patience to sit through an entire movie since I was real young, but am now really enjoying them. I keep the tv off and even though I am not musical at all, I have started singing into a PA system. (I don’t have a great voice, or any musical talent, but I have decided that I am starting a rock band in the near future. It’s going to be A LOT of fun!

    Definitely read the great book called “How To Quit Using Drugs for Good” by Jerry Dorsman – it’s helped me in so many ways.

    It’s very good that you realize that there will be some challenges – I have been experiencing irritability, frustration and some nightmares myself. If you can teach yourself to embrace these challenges it will be very helpful. I’m just figuring this out for myself.

    You can always write or call me any time and I will do my best to be as responsive as I can. You have my full support – I KNOW you WILL do this – and that it is totally worth the struggles. You will feel better, and have more time and money – all GREAT benefits!

    • Richie says:

      Hi again Joe,

      Thanks for your prompt reply and positive comments. 🙂

      I think that I will try and report back here daily and give an update.

      DAY 1.

      Anyway, I have officially stopped smoking Hash (I hope).

      Last night I smoked my last Doobie. I have been thinking about picking some up some all day but said NO to myself. (Although I did pick up a 6 pack of beer for the nerves half an hour ago)

      Tonight I am gonna just play video games or something just to keep my mind off the Doob.

      It’s 20:24 here now in Europe and I would usually be skinning up.

      Gonna be weird without it. Might have to neck all the beers so I can sleep. 🙁

      Thank you Joe,

      Talk soon my friend,

      Best wishes,


  7. Joe Kennedy says:

    GREAT job Richie! Hang in there. It won’t be that difficult if you just stay busy and resist the urge to reach for it. I actually still have a good supply locked away, but realize that I never want to go back to relying on cannabis – or any other substance for that matter.

    To be truthful, yesterday was a very stressful day and I was more than a little tempted to go roll one – BUT I realized that I REALLY don’t need it any more and it’s not so much an addiction (where I might HAVE to have it) but more of a lazy habit that I’m used to because I previously never had never actually spent any time thinking about all the things that I would enjoy doing even more.

    You are more than welcome to check in every day along your journey and I would be honored. I would also be willing to give you and Katie and anyone else who might benefit, your own logins, so you can write and post your own entries on the blog.

    Let me know if you are interested!

    You got this Richie and I’m in your corner! Hang in there!

    • Richie says:

      Hi Joe,

      Well I have got through day 1 and although it is 2:30am I am feeling physically tired for once which is nice for a change. Usually the Doob has me feeling wide awake at night time keeping me up watching YouTube until stupid O’clock (as I call it). I have admittedly had 5 beers and have chain smoked all day but hey it’s a start I guess.

      Feeling a little detached from the world but it ain’t that bad as of yet.

      Wish me luck.

      All the best,

      Thanks again,


      PS: I’m not sure if I need a login. I might just post here first and see how it goes.

      • Joe Kennedy says:

        Congratulations Richie! GREAT job! I am very happy for you. We have a real friend in Katie from Australia who has expressed a genuine interest in helping you and others along the way. She has been a great inspiration to me …

        Best of success on Day #2! I bet you wake feeling real good about yourself. I certainly have for the past 13 days!

  8. Richie says:

    Hi Joe and Katie,

    Thanks again for your time, kind words and support.

    I feel that writing here is helping me vent my feelings because I haven’t told anyone of my family or friends that I am quitting. 😉

    I am going to note here both my positive and negative feelings and experiences over the coming weeks. In saying that it would appear that I am really quitting. 🙂

    I now also feel that I have your support and feel like I now have something to prove. Your support and accomplishments up to this point impress me.

    Before I was a stoner I used to love a challenge so why not now too? 😉

    So here goes…

    DAY 2

    Negative notes:

    Managed to get to sleep after the few mouthfuls of Scoth last night at around 6:00am.

    I set my alarm for 11:00 this morning with the hope I would then get up and be more tired this evening and could hopefully sleep better. Problem is I slept right through until around 3:00pm. Not good, as it is my first day back to work tomorrow and I know that because I got to sleep so late and got up so late that it will be tough to try and sleep tonight and I have to get up tomorrow at 7:30am.

    I have started having dreams again already. A little weird but nothing negative as of yet.

    I am feeling a little depressed.

    Positive notes:

    Screw it! If I only get 2 hours sleep tonight, I only have to battle through work tomorrow and then hopefully be so tired tomorrow night that getting to sleep wont be an issue and may push me back into a normal sleeping routine.

    Tomorrow I will only be very tired at work but not exhausted because I just had 3 week holidays and have slept in everyday.

    Waking up today I felt quite groggy but I think it was just due to sleeping so long, excessive cigarette smoking and the few extra drinks last night. However, once I got up and got a few black teas into me I feel surprisingly better. I feel groggy but not that same groggy I would usually feel after Hash.

    For the first time in years I actually went a whole day without smoking. I know it’s only 1 day, but hey, I’m impressed with my will power. It’s a start.

    Today I found half a joint in an ashtray and threw it in the bin. That surprised me. 🙂

    I am feeling a little more motivated. Not much, but at least a little.

    Anyway guys,

    I think that’s it for now.

    I have a shit-load of housework to due that I didn’t bother doing while I was stoned.

    I feel a little down and unmotivated but I will try to start on that to see if it helps my mood.

    Thanks again,


    • admin says:

      A BIG congratulations on making it through your first day Richie!!! I am extremely impressed by your determination! Stick with it and I believe you will see a huge amount of benefit. You DO have our support and best wishes. Glad you are competitive – that will definitely help you. Today is Day 14 for me – if a Hair Farmer can do it, you certainly can too!

  9. Richie says:

    Thanks Joe,

    4:45am now on Monday morning and still no sleep. I have gotta get up in 3 hours. Work is gonna suck.

    I don’t think I am gonna get any sleep at all.


    • Joe Kennedy says:

      Sorry to hear that Richie, but like you wrote earlier – after work you will probably sleep great! Hang in there! It will get easier and definitely be worth it!

  10. Richie says:

    Hi Joe,

    I see you are also having sleep issues.

    I saw that Vlogged from your car after the Gym.

    DAY 3

    Negative Comments:

    I didn’t get to sleep this morning until about 5:30am and then I was only kind of half asleep having weird dreams and sweating buckets. I had to literally swap pillows and bedclothes because they were soaking.

    Bigger Problem:

    I was so wrecked this morning that I couldn’t get up and go to work (I am Project Manager in a Logistics). Actually feel sick like I have a bad cold or something.

    I stayed in bed all day and feel like a loser again.

    Because I slept all day again I know that tonight will be the same bullshit.

    I might decide to simply stay up all night and tomorrow to try and sort my sleep pattern. It’s been screwed due to staying up too late every night over Christmas.

    Positive Comments:

    None besides still of the Dope

    Sorry can’t be more positive.

    Thanks guys,


    PS: Joe, if you want to sort my login too as per Katie then I can stop spamming this Home Page. If you wish, as Admin you can set it up and move all my text over there?

    • Joe Kennedy says:

      Hang in there Richie. You will be fine – and definitely are NOT a loser. Things will get better, just stick with it. I’m sure you don’t want to start all over.

      Now that you mention it, I’ve been sweating a lot in my sleep too – but I did when I was smoking too and I just thought it was because of my bed covers.

      Yes – I woke up at 3am this morning, although I slept fine. I was a little angry, but realized it was just my subconscious mind working for me – I had my alarm set for 5am, but was thinking before I went to bed that was not early enough to get everything done.

      I will set up your account like Katies in a bit and you will get an email with login info.

      Hang in there man! We’re here for you!

    • Joe Kennedy says:

      BTW – your one positive outweighs all the negatives. You can do this Richie!

    • Katie says:

      Hi Richie!

      I noticed you are having a bit of a tough time..

      From what I found, the first few days are definitely the most difficult to get through (as it’s not yet completely out of your system).

      Rest assured, you are doing an amazing job!

      I sucks that you didn’t make it into work – but I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it! Once you have come out the other side (and it will get easier sooner than you think) and start seeing the positive effects, it will all be very much worth it!

      There are several things that were suggested to me to help with the sleeping, maybe they will help you!?
      – Avoid food within 3-4 hours of going to bed
      – Exercise regularly
      – Drink camomile tea before bed
      – Try listening to relaxing music while laying in bed
      – Read a book (this was the biggest winner for me personally)
      – Keep a journal (or blog lol), and summarise the days events (good & bad) at least 2 hours before going to bed – this may help remove some of the worry/stress
      – Take Valerian (a herb) or Melatonin (a hormone) to help you to fall

      Also, heavy sweating while going through withdraw symptoms – for lack of a better term – is pretty normal, and I have been unable to find a way to prevent it from happening.
      It is very annoying having to change your sheets daily – but I found it stopped for me after around 7-8 days.
      Also it may sound strange, but when having ‘the sweats’ kept me up one night I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom floor to sleep (on a towel).
      Sounds silly I know, but the bathroom is tiled and the coolness of the ceramic helped to regulate my body temperature.

      Maybe one (or several) of the above might be of use to you – I sure hope so!

      Keep your head up, and don’t give up!

      Katie x x

  11. Richie says:

    Cheers Buddy 😉



  12. Richie says:

    Hi Joe and Katie,

    Thanks you both for your replies, support and suggestions.

    DAY 4

    Off today too but back to work tomorrow. Not really looking forward to that.

    Slept better last night (or should I say this morning as it was around 6:00am when I got to sleep).

    I drank a shit-load of herbal Sleep and Nerve Tea yesterday which has:
    Valerian root
    Dried hop cones
    Passion flower herb
    Peppermint leaves
    Rosemary leaves

    It made me feel kinda dopey and tired which was nice I guess.

    I feel more tired now tonight (10:30pm) because I set and re-set my alarm around 10 times this morning so I didn’t really have a proper sleep (on purpose so I would be tired tonight which I am).

    I had/have mixed feelings today…

    Negative Comments:

    I would really like a joint tonight. Drinking a few brewskies and having a Ciggie instead though.

    I notice I have very short temper at the minute and am liable to ‘loose it’ and start shouting profanities if something remotely goes wrong.

    Feel on and off kind of emotional all day. Nearly started crying watching a soppy advert on TV earlier. What’s that all about?? I’m a tough cookie me. That ain’t right.

    Positive Comments:

    First and foremost…
    Still of the Doob

    I seem a little more motivated today. Spring cleaned the whole kitchen today and plan on doing a room a day in the evening after work to keep me busy when I would usually be kicking back with a Doobie.

    I have made a loose ‘To Do List’ for the coming weeks.

    I have set goals for the next 3 months in relation to health behaviour as I see that my cigarette smoking and beer consuming has increased (as I expected).

    Loose plan is:

    A. Quit Doob (8 Weeks until end of Feb.)


    B. No more Beers Monday to Friday (4 Week until end of March and then continue pattern)


    C. Quit smoking cigarettes (besides social in a bar or so), start cycling to work daily (10KM) and start jogging again every second evening like I used to last year.

    I also want to try and eat a little healthier as ans from now (Salad, Fruits…etc)

    I think that’s all my news for now guys,

    Thank you both again for your time and support,

    Richie x

    Katie, thanks for all your tips although I think I’ll give the bathroom floor a miss. I woke up there to many times back in my twenties 😉

    Joe, I watch all your YouTube Vids and leave a like to try and get them viewed. I don’t leave a comment only because I wish to remain anonymous and I have too many contacts on YouTube. Make sure and not let my City slip if mentioning me please 😉


    Joe, your daughter is an absolute Angel. I think she is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. I truly mean that. She is gorgeous. Her eyes (even as a baby)… Wow!
    She will break hearts.

    • Katie says:

      Hey there Richie!!

      WHOOOO!!! Day 4!!!

      First of all, congratulations!!! 😀
      It’s absolutely awesome that you are still off the doobs!!

      I just wanted to say, if you do happen to slip up at some point and partake – please please please don’t feel like it’s the end of the world or that you can’t still talk to us etc!!
      I say this because Chris (by bf) was reading through the blog and pointed out that while we clearly only mean to encourage, help and offer guidance etc., that we/I might be coming across as putting added pressure on you (both of you).

      I sincerely hope that’s not the way you have read into it – as it’s most certainly not the case!!
      That said – “DON’T DO IT MAN!!” hehe

      The bathroom floor thing was pretty funny -not so much at the time- but I was just burning up so badly I couldn’t think what else to do (cold shower would have woken everyone else up).

      I can definitely relate to the emotional thing!!
      I was crazy emotional for the first week or so and am still surprised Chris didn’t have me committed lol.
      I would often either burst into tears, or into fits of rage – and often took it out on my furniture – especially my doors (still better than another person I guess) but it was unusual behaviour for me!

      Perhaps you could try and vent the frustration/anger into something a little more productive – like running or a bike ride (or cleaning lol)… It pretty much worked for me!
      I found the angrier I was – the more my weight load increased (I enjoy weightlifting). Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!

      Like Joe said the other day, your positives definitely seem to outweigh the negatives!!

      You are doing an awesome job!
      Keep your head high, and good luck for when you get back to work!!

      Katie x x

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