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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 47 Focused, Calm, Confident, Consistent and Smiling

I had to look it up and do some counting, but today is Day 47 in my personal quest to stop smoking marijuana. The only difficult part for me so far (after the first 10 days or so) is that I’ve been having to deal with a great deal of neck pain.  I’ve done some trading and spent some money on acupuncture that I could not afford and it helped some, but I simply need to figure out a more realistic long term plan for pain management.  I only know that I will not be taking any narcotic prescription meds that the typical doctors want to subscribe and I’m really not wanting to go back to using Medical Marijuana again – although it frequently seems like the least worst alternative.  To this point, I have resisted and plan to continue.

The good news is that I am now a lot more FCCCS – my secret acronym for Focused, Calm, Confident, Consistent and Smiling.  Not always easy while suffering, but I have found that it helps to get a lot of sleep, read good books and think good thoughts.

I am definitely grateful for the abilities to read and write – and for all the great support I’ve been getting on the blog.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I also GREATLY appreciate all the AMAZING support that I’ve been getting for and – every bit of support is appreciated.  This business has landed in my life as my only option for income after not being able to find a job for over three years.  I’ve even applied at WalMart and Target and neither will even interview me …  Depressing (and humbling) I know, but I am very thankful for Solavei and the ability to help people save and earn money.

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