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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 17 Ongoing Challenges and Higher Expectations

Today is Day 17 in my personal quest to stop smoking marijuana, after smoking almost daily for 30+ years. The past couple of days I have been suffering from the flu which is never fun, but I seem to be recovering – and regardless of how sick, tired and depressed I have been – I have not even come close to reaching for a pipe. In fact, I have more than ZERO desire to use any pot at all.

It’s been suggested to me that I should be smoking if I’m in that much pain, or that I could be ingesting MMJ in brownies or using tinctures, etc. At this point I’m really not interested in those options either – I’m just really striving toward optimal health, want to finally get my brain clear and continue on to a better life that I know I was meant to lead.

The past couple of days have been tough in a lot of ways, but at the same time I’m trying to look at everything as positives. After all, I’ve always said that things happen for a reason and that they always work out exactly like they are supposed to. I need to start living that statement – walking the talk.

I’m just tired of living like less than a human and as I get clearer, I am seeing that I am finally actually and really starting to expect more from myself and from life. I fully believe that expectations have a great deal with how one lives. In the past I haven’t expected much, so I really haven’t had much. Now I am expecting A LOT more and am positive that my life will continue to reflect positive change in a lot of ways.

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