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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 24 Turning Negatives into Positives

Today is Day 24 in my personal quest to stop using marijuana. A couple of days ago, I re-injured my neck at the gym and have been in quite a bit of pain. Yesterday, I decided to quit focusing on the pain and do something positive.

Before the holidays and about the time I started this project, I added some goals to my ever-changing list. One of them was to learn how to do yoga. So yesterday I went to the local library and checked out some books and dvds on yoga. Once I digest the information in them, and start practicing a bit on my own – I will start going to the yoga classes at my local gym. Learning and practicing yoga should help me stretch, relax and build more muscle without lifting weights (although I’m going to get back to that as soon as I am physically able to).

That’s what I call turning a negative into a positive – and I’m grateful for the ability to do so! Thanks for watching and your support. Please take a minute to subscribe and leave a comment!

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