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Celebrating Today: It’s Been 7 Months Since I Quit Smoking Pot

Today I am celebrating – it’s been 7 months since I decided to quit smoking pot. Still the best decision I have ever made and my life is much better for it. It was December 23, 2012 when I made the decision and perhaps the most humbling video of my life. A few days later I sent out an email to the whole world (at least everyone I know in it), telling them of my decision.

I blogged about my experience for a few weeks, invited others to do the same and we’ve been motivating and inspiring each other ever since.

While quitting weed has been relatively easy for me (even after 37 years of smoking it several times every day), I could not have made it this far without the support of some great people. My girlfriend, who will remain nameless to protect her, my daughter (even though she does not know or realize what I have been through, other family members and supportive friends. Heck, I even want to thank the haters – and those who have heckled me. I know there are many who have wished me well to my face, but said behind my back that I can never change. Big whoop – it’s all on me – not on anyone else.

I do really want to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed to the blog, with their own posts, comments and encouragement. Equally, I would also like to thank everyone who has taken their valuable time to make comments and or follow my videos on either of my YouTube channels. Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! I am grateful for all of you.

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 13 – Challenges Are Good and I’m Happy to Have Them

Yesterday was a very challenging day and I felt like I was seriously being tested. The good news is that I passed that test and that I have realized that challenging days like that happen for a reason. I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason – and now that my brain is starting to clear, I’m starting to be able to actually live that way.

One of the challenges that I’ve been finding is that I have been suffering quite a bit of pain and headaches from the herniated discs in my neck.  Being in pain is never fun and adds to the frustration and irritability that I’m experiencing while the THC levels in my body subside.  I need to find a way to deal better with the pain.  I’ve relied on “medical” marijuana for so long – and it has worked, but now I need to find another way.

Being without much income while building my Solavei network (see is very challenging and definitely won’t be very helpful in getting me acupuncture and massage treatment, but over time, I think getting back into those will really be good for my neck, back and the current pain.

Despite the current challenges, there are still A LOT of really, really good things happening for and around me – and I am especially thankful!  I extra thankful to have met new friends Katie in Australia and Richie in Germany, both who are going through similar changes and challenges.  They are both doing GREAT things and making positive personal changes and I am SUPER proud of them!  Way to go mates!

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