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How I Quit Smoking Pot: 118 Days and Counting. Very Thankful.

Today is the 118th day since I last smoked marijuana. Life is good, not without challenges but I’m super happy and excited about the direction things are going.

I’ve been able to get back into the habit of writing (almost) on a daily basis – writing travel reviews, auto reviews, press releases, blog posts, business proposals and more.

My brain is slowly coming out of the pot induced haze and I feel like I am thinking clearer each and every day. I’m reaching some of my biggest goals and getting more and more focused on my long term goals all the time.

I want to thank everyone who has been so very supportive of my and this ‘project’ – and congratulate everyone else who has been able to make drastic changes in their lives.

BTW – ever since I first drove a Tesla Model S I have been working on manifesting one …  If you have any suggestions or ideas on how I might make this happen, please let me hear from you.  It would be cool if you could be one of the people that helps me manifest this awesome vehicle.  Can you help me accomplish the ‘impossible’?  I know somebody can and will …

As my friend Captain Stickey used to say “Onward and Upward”!

Marijuana Addiction vs Pot Dependence How to Quit Smoking Pot

In this video I discuss the ideas of marijuana being addictive vs people being dependent on it. Whatever your terminology, if pot is causing you to not treat people with love and respect – it may be time for you to consider quitting.

I personally know that I do not want to ever smoke pot again because it has indeed caused me to treat my loved ones with less than the love, affection and respect they deserve. I really realized that last night when my beautiful girl friend told me that I’m doing very good. I asked her what she meant, she said the first 2-3 weeks (of me quitting) were not very easy – and that I am much more even tempered now.

She never complains about anything, so if she was saying the first 2-3 weeks were not very easy – I was probably putting her through pure hell. I am very lucky that she has stayed with me.

Are you treating your loved ones (and others) with the love and respect they deserve? I’d love to hear from you on this.

9 Key Tips to Quit Smoking Marijuana

If you are thinking that you may be smoking too much marijuana and/or it is having a negative affect on your life, you might be considering the decision to quit using pot.  There are many different reasons that people decide to quit smoking marijuana and everyone’s circumstances are different.

In addition to varied reasons to quit using cannabis, there are also many different techniques used to stop using pot.  The following tips have all played a key role in helping me to stop smoking marijuana.

1) Make a decision and stick with it.  Once you have made the decision to stop smoking marijuana, stick with it.  You might ‘relapse’ or ‘fall off the wagon’ once or more times, but get right back up and make sure you remember that you made the decision for a good reason – or maybe even several good reasons.

2) Get plenty of sleep.  To make any good decision and to be able to stick with it, it is important to get lots of good sleep.  This can be especially difficult during the first 2-3 weeks of abstaining from marijuana – often depending on how often and the quantity of pot you’ve been consuming.  I personally had great bouts of insomnia during the first few weeks of being off pot, but knowing how important that sleep is, I made sure to get sleep whenever and wherever I could.

3.  Exercise daily.  Daily exercise, especially hard exercise helps get your blood flowing, gets oxygen to your brain and also helps make your body tired, making it easier to sleep and overcome any insomnia you might have.  It’s also been shown that exercise releases dopamine into critical areas of the brain, which actually makes you happy and feeling better about yourself.  Here’s the standard disclaimer:  Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program – exercise is great for almost everyone, but each of us is different and has different abilities.

4.  Eat healthy.  Let’s face it – many ‘stoners’ do not consume the healthiest of diets.  Many of us have a very difficult time resisting sugary and fatty ‘treats’ when we have a case of the munchies.  If you are not feeding your body (and your brain) well, it is extremely difficult to make (and stick with) good decisions.  I fully recommend ridding your food intake of as much sugar and salts as possible, as they are really poison to the body.  Eat good sources of lean proteins, ‘slow carbs’ and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables – especially leafy green veggies like spinach, kale and chard.  Avoid sodas or soft drinks (especially ‘diet’ drinks) at all costs – compensate by drinking lots of quality water.  Personally I drink over a gallon of water each and every day – most of it filtered through a Brita filter.

5.  Avoid alcohol.  Some people are able to ‘handle’ alcohol better than others, but when you are quitting pot, you don’t need to be doing anything that negatively affects your ability to make smart decisions.  Truthfully, until not too long ago, I didn’t realize that it was possible to have A LOT of fun without drinking (or that not everybody drinks to have a good time).  Besides frequently causing bad decisions to be made, alcohol contains a lot of sugar – which is not only bad for your brain, but your body as well.

6. Read.  One of the most immediate benefits that I found about quitting pot is that I was quickly able to regain the patience and focus I need to read.  There is so much good about reading – especially if you like to learn things.  Read books, magazines, websites e-books, etc.  You can read about different ways people have been able to quit smoking pot, you can read about whatever industry you might work in, or you can even read fiction strictly for pleasure.

7. Write.  It has really helped me to document my journey.  While not everyone feels comfortable to write a public blog (especially about something as controversial as marijuana, anyone can write in a journal or even a private blog.  I feel like it actually helped me to be accountable to myself and my readers to continually update my situation and document what I’ve been going through during my journey of starting my new life without pot.

8. Make videos.  Making videos is another way that I have been able to create some sense of accountability for my actions.  My first ever YouTube video about my humbling decision to quit smoking pot has not exactly gone viral, but does have well over 50,000 views and a ton of great comments (as well as some not so great comments).  I had no idea it would get so much attention, but I have received a lot of excellent support through these videos and also been able to help show others that they can indeed quit smoking marijuana.  After all, if I can do it – anyone can.

9. Help others.  I believe it is real key in life to do things to help other people.  Sometimes when you are stoned all the time, you don’t remember (or even think about) helping others.  Whether you are doing volunteer work to help those less fortunate, or giving encouragement to someone going through a difficult time, helping others can be very rewarding – and just plain feels good.  Another benefit of doing things to help others is that you have less time to think of yourself and your challenges.

These nine techniques have all been extremely valuable to me in my quest to stop smoking marijuana and I’m pretty sure they’ll be of benefit to you too.  Besides the benefits I listed, you will surely find more.  I look forward to your comments and any additional suggestions you have for getting pot out of your life.

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 43 Please Don’t Join the Pity Party

Today is the 43rd day since I last smoked marijuana. Overall things are good, but I have been more than a little depressed lately.

A few days ago I launched my first ever crowd funding campaign – a project on Indiegogo to help fund the costs of a movie I am making called “Bellevue: It’s a Beautiful View”. I sent out the announcement to 4,837 of my closest friends – I mean subscribers to my news website for Bellevue Business Journal. Three days later I have exactly ZERO contributions – NO support – not one cent. I am sure I am taking this too personally, but it’s hard not to after spending much of the last 10 years promoting local businesses, non-profits and people.

I’m not asking for your sympathy – and especially do NOT want you to join my little pity party. But if you would like to give me some feedback on how I might improve the crowd funding campaign – I would love to hear it. You can find it by Googling “Bellevue – It’s a Beautiful View” or just go to:

There seem to be a ton of things that have been getting me down lately, but I’m not going to let them send me back to the bong or the joint or even a vaporizer. I am committed to staying off of pot so that I can continue to clean up my life and write it for you.

This week I have started playing some tennis and notice that my legs (especially my knees) are not quite working like they used to. I’m wondering if they will come back at all as I get used to playing again, or as an old guy, need to get used to playing on rickety wheels? Do you have any experience with this?

To finish off this video, I’d really like to be able to tell you about something really, really good that is happening, but I just cannot divulge it quite yet. Don’t mean to string you along, but – I just cannot spill the beans until next month …

How I Quit Smoking Pot: First Month Challenges and Appreciation

Today marks the end of the first full month since I last smoked marijuana. Lots of great things are happening, but these past 31 days have not been without their challenges.

I am especially appreciative of all the great encouragement I’ve been getting from all over the world, through comments, emails and even telephone calls. I sincerely appreciate all the positive energy, but also have to give a hat tip to all the haters: y’all keep things more interesting – and humorous.

11 Months With No Pot – Almost a Slip-Up ….

Yesterday marked the 11th month since I quit smoking pot – and I almost slipped up.

I’ve been pretty sick the last few days, but have still had to be working long, hard hours on a job that is not much fun – standing and talking to people for 10.5 hours a day.  In ordinary circumstances, I would have just stayed home and in bed, getting much needed rest.  This is not an ordinary job and I cannot just call in sick.

It’s been tough just to get through the days – but what has been making it harder is that just down the aisle in the warehouse, they are selling fresh holiday wreaths, made of pine branches.  I’m constantly getting whiffs of them all day long – many times these smells are just like a really tasty bud-like smell.  On several occasions, I swear I was talking to people who had just smoked before walking in.

Not really sure why all of this has made me want to smoke weed again – but it has.  Perhaps it is because I’ve been sick, and tired – and suffering from a lot of the pain caused by herniated discs – but regardless, I have been getting serious pangs of wanting to partake – and almost gave in last night.  After work I actually came home and pulled out my old stash ….  I probably would have put some in a pipe and took a hit or three, but I realized that I had either given or thrown away all my smoking utensils.  Then I found some rolling papers – and I decided I would roll a joint – after I ate dinner – and if my girlfriend did not come home in time …

I took my time eating dinner and my girlfriend did get home, just as I was finishing up.  I still did inhale the smells from the stash container, but it is now almost a year old and doesn’t smell that great – not nearly as good as those pine Christmas wreaths …

I’m happy to report that today is Day 11 months and 1 day, the last day of my show and that tomorrow I will be able to catch up on all the sleep that I have been missing.  Might even make a video to talk about it …

BTW – did you notice that I’ve changed my name to JC Li?  That’s another story that I’ve been too tired to write about this week, but will be explaining soon.

How is everyone else doing?  Anyone else fighting the good fight?  Anyone want to say why they started back up – or were glad that they haven’t?  Would like to hear from YOU!

Angel’s Day 2

First of all, I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon Joe’s YouTube video a couple of days ago.  I was mentally preparing myself to quit, yet again, and desperately needed BIG TIME help!!  In the past year I’ve tried quitting 4 times and it was a big fail because either I was 1) bored, 2) around people who smoked, 3) no will power, 4) out of habit.  Another thing…since I quit smoking cigarettes 8 months ago, I’ve noticed my marijuana abuse has gotten more ridiculous. Anyways, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

I started experimenting with the ganja when I was 16 but didn’t seriously get into it until I was 18 in college. Pot was always accessible at every party so I got hooked on it really fast and was always chasing the next high. Fast forward 17 years….Now I’m 35 and live in Los Angeles where I can drive 10 minutes to a dispensary and choose from 20-40 different kinds of strains including a huge array of edible options. ARGH!!!!

I’m exactly how Joe described himself on the YouTube video. I’m either all in or out when it comes to the weed.  When I had it, it is used first thing in the morning and didn’t stop until I was pass out on my couch. None of my friends really knew how deep of an addiction this was for me. Being a superb closet weed addict was what I was good at. I guess because of that I was partially in denial, although I knew that I had to QUIT…but after that “one more hit.”  I’m effin done with that “one more hit.” I’m so sick of it that I want to beat it up, kick it to the curb, make it bleed and die. (Sorry about that but that’s how angry I was for smoking for so long)

So now I’m on DAY 2, feeling proud that I’ve made that HUGE DECISION to quit the pot. But physically not feeling that great because I am sick with a horrible cold.  I also had to break up with someone I was seeing because whenever we got together all we did was drink and smoke. He was definitely a TRIGGER and if we were to stay together, my attempt to quit would have been broken.  Big bummer because I felt we connected.  Oh well…so is life.

No withdrawal symptoms, no dreams or nightmares, no sweating…yet.  But I’m looking forward to them, ready to battle with my sword and shield. I will protect myself and conquer this war!!!!

Joe, Katie, Richie…and other bloggers here, thank you so much for this blog. I’m so happy to have found you and I know that in my heart that if I keep blogging, I will become more successful and will be on my way to be a non pot smoker.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!




How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 60

Today is a bit of a milestone I guess – it is Day 60 in my personal quest to stop smoking marijuana.  The best advice I can give anyone in a similar situation is to keep busy and to pick up some healthy habits.  Although I have not been physically able to exercise every day like I’m used to, I have been able to take a couple of yoga classes and continue to eat clean and drink lots of fresh blended vegetable juice every day.

I’ve also recently found a small bit of work – selling a really cool product that helps people.  In the past, I’ve never thought that I could sell, but I am finding that I really can – and that I’m pretty good at it.  Not only am I good at selling, I really, really like it!  None of this would be possible if I was still smoking weed and being stoned all the time.

Besides this part-time sales job, I’ve also got a couple of other interviews lined up over the next couple of days.

Another big part of my progress is continuing clarity.  I’ve come to realize how miserable my living situation is and I’m taking steps to get it changed in the very near future.  It probably won’t be easy and there’s no doubt I won’t initially have a lot of choices of where I’ll be able to live, BUT I will be out of a bad, life-sucking situation very, very soon.

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 29 Focusing on Positives and Priorities

Today is Day 29 in my personal quest to stop smoking the evil weed. It has not been without struggles and frustrations, but overall it has been fairly easy and I am very thankful that I’ve been able to take care of this terrible situation, due in big part to all the great support and encouragement I’ve had along the way.

I say ‘terrible situation’ because I feel more that a little guilty for all the time that I’ve squandered – even though those days are in my past. I no longer feel the need to slow down, ‘mellow out’ or dumb myself down – it doesn’t do anyone any good for me to do that.

Focus and clarity have been slowly creeping back into my brain – probably for the first time since I was a Little Leaguer and all I could and would ever think about was playing baseball. Not surprisingly, I was pretty good back then and although I did have a limited amount of success all the way up through my last game in semi-pro in San Diego when I snapped my humerous bone while throwing a fastball – my downfall started the day when I took my first toke (as a 12 year old). If you are a kid, or know one – PLEASE learn by my mistake and DON”T START smoking pot – at all. Not even one toke – not even once in awhile. It really is NOT cool and you run the risk of ending up like me – unemployed at age 50 and living in a garage. Let me tell you – it sucks!

The good news is that I am starting again and I am totally now focusing on my priorities: 1) Staying away from Pot – if I don’t, I know I’ll slip back into my old self and may never get clear again. To do this I know I must continue to eat healthy, exercise, read and write. 2) My daughter – my motto since she was born has been “It’s All About Jackie”. It’s even written above my door (in the previously mentioned garage). Now I really get to start living it. 3) My business with Solavei and – since nobody will seem to give me any work or even respond to employment inquiries and applications, I have found that I need to take matters into my own hands and work this great opportunity. My goal is to personally help 1,000 save money on their cell bills and/or help them make an extra $1000 or more each and every month.

Those are my three priorities and that’s where my focus is going. I do have a lot of other interests and involvement, but EVERYTHING else is secondary at this point. Sorry if that offends you or causes you questions, but that is the way that it needs to be – and the way that it is.

Thank you very much for your support and positive vibes.

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 26 More Focus and The Pursuit of Happyness

Today is Day 26 in my personal quest to stop smoking medical marijuana. It isn’t that it did not help me with the chronic pain I suffer as a result from herniated discs in my neck (it really did), it’s more because I was not able to practice moderation and was constantly stoned day and night.

I was up to the wee hours this morning watching a great movie called “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith, due a double dog dare I took as a challenge last night. You can read about the dare and my thoughts on the movie at

Although it has seemed almost too easy for me to quit smoking pot thus far, I did find myself almost instinctively reaching for the pipe again tonight when I was a bit stressed and very tired – but I didn’t. I do have to think that making these videos and posting on the blog is helping to keep me on track – because I know I will have to check in and report on my progress (or lack thereof).

I have noticed that I am continually getting calmer and calmer each day, and although not in total control of my emotions (or road rage), I am getting much better. Also enjoying a lot better focus and starting to really work on what’s important – and after my daughter and this project, there is nothing more important to me than my goal with Solavei. My goal is to help 1,000 people save and/or earn extra money by sharing Solavei’s amazing cell phone service, which will have an amazing impact on their lives and the lives of their families. It’s very exciting stuff. If you are interested in being on of those 1,000 people you can visit

Apologies to our international viewers and visitors – Solavei is only currently available here in the US – but the good news is that it will start to get rolled out in Europe starting sometime in Q2 of this year!

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