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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 40

June 9, 2014 Today is the 40th Day since I quit smoking marijuana. Not much out of the ordinary to report, but things seem to be going well and I am working on learning to use more of my brain instead of deadening it.

I also have good news that I did not share in my video. A good long-time friend who has problems with alcohol got inspired while watching the French Open last weekend and went out and bought a couple of tennis rackets. We’re going to be playing some tennis tomorrow morning! I’m really stoked, because he is really a good guy, but I can never seem to get him interested in doing anything that does not involve drinking. Maybe this is the beginning of a big change?

Let me know what’s going good in your life – and if you are having any challenges, let me hear about those too. It’s all good – and all can be improved on.

BTW – I got to take a Tesla Model S out for the day the other day – and it was SUPER fun. You can read my review at

How I Quit Smoking Pot Day 36: Good Progress, Motivation and More Weird Dreams

Today is Day 36 since I last smoked marijuana. I’m more motivated than ever to make videos documenting this – mostly due to kind comments and requests from viewers and subscribers.


If you have any subjects that you’d like to see covered or questions you would like to have answered, please let me know. You can send me an email at

If you’d like to write on the blog, just let me know – I’d be happy to help you share your story and experience.

Just remember: some people can handle smoking pot on occasion, some of us cannot. I’m here to help those who want help.

Joe Connector Kennedy Celebrates 9 Months without Weed

Nine months without marijuana! This is the first time that I have been without pot that long for a very, very long time. It’s just a start, but something I feel very good about.

My life has improved a great deal since I quit using marijuana. My relationships have got better, my health has improved, my energy levels have increased and I’m able to do many things that I could not, or would not when I was stoned all the time.

One of the best things about having quit smoking pot is that I am also able to positively affect other people in similar circumstances all over the world. It can be very difficult to quit using marijuana – especially when surrounded by friends and sometimes family who are not interested in stopping (or clearing their heads). But with the support from others and the ability to document the journey, it can be much easier.

If you are interested in quitting pot for good and would like to share your story and document your journey on our blog at – please send me an email to JoeConnector(at) and I will get you a login asap. Writing about my journey has helped me – and I know it can help you too!

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 33 Acupuncture Takes the Place of MMJ

Today is Day 33 in my personal quest to quit smoking marijuana. My biggest challenge lately is a recurring injury in my neck (two separate herniated discs) that have been causing me A LOT of pain. So much so, I thought I might have to go back to using “Medical Marijuana”.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to avoid that and have found a really good acupuncturist who is helping to relieve the pain. Still far from feeling perfect yet, but much, much, oh so much better. Not even tempted to smoke again. Although it was a little weird grilling on the BBQ on the deck today and not smoking weed. Not sure I’ve ever done that before. I guess there is always a time for firsts. Seem to be a lot more of them lately – and for that I am very grateful.

I should also mention that acupuncture is not just great for getting rid of pain. It has also been very effective in treating all kinds of addictions, in weight loss, and something I just learned this week – it can also help women who are having trouble getting pregnant …

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 13 – Challenges Are Good and I’m Happy to Have Them

Yesterday was a very challenging day and I felt like I was seriously being tested. The good news is that I passed that test and that I have realized that challenging days like that happen for a reason. I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason – and now that my brain is starting to clear, I’m starting to be able to actually live that way.

One of the challenges that I’ve been finding is that I have been suffering quite a bit of pain and headaches from the herniated discs in my neck.  Being in pain is never fun and adds to the frustration and irritability that I’m experiencing while the THC levels in my body subside.  I need to find a way to deal better with the pain.  I’ve relied on “medical” marijuana for so long – and it has worked, but now I need to find another way.

Being without much income while building my Solavei network (see is very challenging and definitely won’t be very helpful in getting me acupuncture and massage treatment, but over time, I think getting back into those will really be good for my neck, back and the current pain.

Despite the current challenges, there are still A LOT of really, really good things happening for and around me – and I am especially thankful!  I extra thankful to have met new friends Katie in Australia and Richie in Germany, both who are going through similar changes and challenges.  They are both doing GREAT things and making positive personal changes and I am SUPER proud of them!  Way to go mates!

How I Quit Smoking Pot Day 12:

This is Day 12 of my personal journey of quitting use of marijuana, aka “The Evil Weed”. Even though I am a big proponent of the use of medical marijuana for some people and I suffer from constant pain due to herniated discs in my neck, I have learned (after 30 years of smoking pot), that I know no moderation and cannot use pot and function at peak performance.

This video talks about some of the many great things that have started to happen since I started my project.  I am particularly happy to be of some inspiration for others around the world who are facing similar challenges.

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