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Day 31: Thankful for Lei Ding of Ding’s Acupuncture

The last couple of days have been personally difficult, but I feel like I’m past the worst of the pain – thanks to Lei Ding from Ding’s Acupuncture, Massage & Herbs here in Bellevue.

Upon examination, Lei said she had not seen a neck/back nearly as tight and inflamed as mine in a long, long time.  She said there was A LOT of heat in my neck and upper back.  I kept thinking to myself that it was just because I’m HOT (rofl), but she kept asking about eating spicy foods.  How did she know I’ve been putting Frank’s Red Hot sauce on my turkey, chicken and sweet potatoes?  Guess I have to stop that now.  The bigger problem is pushing it too hard in the gym and I realize I’m going to have to take a long vacation from working out for awhile …

The question is – what am I going to do for physical activity while I can’t go to the gym?  Guess maybe I should get a girlfriend …

In all seriousness, I am very grateful and thankful for Lei Ding and her excellent treatment.  She did a bit of massage to loosen up the neck/back, cupping and acupuncture with electrical stim.  Then she gave me a herbal wrap to keep on my neck all night.

I do believe that it definitely saved me from feeling like I had to fall back into my old habit of self-medicating with MMJ.  Thanks to her, I’ve made it to Day 31 and although I’m not pain free, I’m feeling a million times better today than yesterday.  Thank you Lei Ding!

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