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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 60

Today is a bit of a milestone I guess – it is Day 60 in my personal quest to stop smoking marijuana.  The best advice I can give anyone in a similar situation is to keep busy and to pick up some healthy habits.  Although I have not been physically able to exercise every day like I’m used to, I have been able to take a couple of yoga classes and continue to eat clean and drink lots of fresh blended vegetable juice every day.

I’ve also recently found a small bit of work – selling a really cool product that helps people.  In the past, I’ve never thought that I could sell, but I am finding that I really can – and that I’m pretty good at it.  Not only am I good at selling, I really, really like it!  None of this would be possible if I was still smoking weed and being stoned all the time.

Besides this part-time sales job, I’ve also got a couple of other interviews lined up over the next couple of days.

Another big part of my progress is continuing clarity.  I’ve come to realize how miserable my living situation is and I’m taking steps to get it changed in the very near future.  It probably won’t be easy and there’s no doubt I won’t initially have a lot of choices of where I’ll be able to live, BUT I will be out of a bad, life-sucking situation very, very soon.

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