Marijuana Addiction vs Dependency

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Marijuana Addiction vs Pot Dependence How to Quit Smoking Pot

In this video I discuss the ideas of marijuana being addictive vs people being dependent on it. Whatever your terminology, if pot is causing you to not treat people with love and respect – it may be time for you to consider quitting.

I personally know that I do not want to ever smoke pot again because it has indeed caused me to treat my loved ones with less than the love, affection and respect they deserve. I really realized that last night when my beautiful girl friend told me that I’m doing very good. I asked her what she meant, she said the first 2-3 weeks (of me quitting) were not very easy – and that I am much more even tempered now.

She never complains about anything, so if she was saying the first 2-3 weeks were not very easy – I was probably putting her through pure hell. I am very lucky that she has stayed with me.

Are you treating your loved ones (and others) with the love and respect they deserve? I’d love to hear from you on this.

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