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US Cannabis Coalition Garners Support from Ted Nugent

US Cannabis Coalition Adds Support from Rock Legend

US Cannabis CoalitionIn what may come as a surprise to some, notorious anti-drug rock legend Ted Nugent joined the US Cannabis Coalition, endorsing the legalization of Medical Marijuana.  

Nugent explained his USCC participation saying “Look, I’ve never been a fan of brain dead stoner types, but science has proven that medical marijuana can and does help a lot of serious illnesses like cancer and epilepsy”.

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New Season, Colder Weather Proving to Be Challenges

PainCycleI’m just 4 days short of my 10 month ‘anniversary’ since I quit smoking pot and have been having challenges.

Up until last December 23rd, I had been relying on medical marijuana to help me deal with chronic pain issues related to a neck injury suffered while working as a commercial fisherman in a remote area of the Aleutian islands off of Alaska.  Unfortunately, dealing with the pain is still a serious issue.  With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, I have been suffering a lot more – and as a result, so have the people around me.

I’ve tried to keep it to myself, but my normally (?) sunny attitude just isn’t with it in this cold, wet climate.

I have actually considered starting smoking again several times just to allow myself to be easier to get along with.  Thus far I have resisted all temptation, but also realize that I am currently very vulnerable and need to be careful to take care of myself, get as much sleep as possible and not put myself in any tempting situations.

Anyone have any ways to deal with chronic pain that does not involve taking drugs?  I’m willing to try pretty much anything …

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Losing Track of the Days

I’ve started to lose track of the number of days that it has been since I quit smoking marijuana – and it isn’t because I’m stoned! 🙂 I think today is Day 37 or so and whatever it is, things are continually getting better for me.

Acupuncture treatments have been helping greatly in alleviating the severe pain I’ve been experiencing in my neck and back – and I hope that I will be able to continue them (although my acupuncturist does seem very busy and may be less willing to continue trading). She’s also given my some ideas for self treatment (including hitting myself – believe it or not) and getting a better, buckwheat pillow.

I also hosted a networking breakfast this morning at 7am! There’s no possible way I would have even considered that even just two months ago …

Thank you for subscribing to this site and liking the videos, but especially for all the kind comments and positive feedback that I’ve been getting. It is very appreciated.

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 29 Focusing on Positives and Priorities

Today is Day 29 in my personal quest to stop smoking the evil weed. It has not been without struggles and frustrations, but overall it has been fairly easy and I am very thankful that I’ve been able to take care of this terrible situation, due in big part to all the great support and encouragement I’ve had along the way.

I say ‘terrible situation’ because I feel more that a little guilty for all the time that I’ve squandered – even though those days are in my past. I no longer feel the need to slow down, ‘mellow out’ or dumb myself down – it doesn’t do anyone any good for me to do that.

Focus and clarity have been slowly creeping back into my brain – probably for the first time since I was a Little Leaguer and all I could and would ever think about was playing baseball. Not surprisingly, I was pretty good back then and although I did have a limited amount of success all the way up through my last game in semi-pro in San Diego when I snapped my humerous bone while throwing a fastball – my downfall started the day when I took my first toke (as a 12 year old). If you are a kid, or know one – PLEASE learn by my mistake and DON”T START smoking pot – at all. Not even one toke – not even once in awhile. It really is NOT cool and you run the risk of ending up like me – unemployed at age 50 and living in a garage. Let me tell you – it sucks!

The good news is that I am starting again and I am totally now focusing on my priorities: 1) Staying away from Pot – if I don’t, I know I’ll slip back into my old self and may never get clear again. To do this I know I must continue to eat healthy, exercise, read and write. 2) My daughter – my motto since she was born has been “It’s All About Jackie”. It’s even written above my door (in the previously mentioned garage). Now I really get to start living it. 3) My business with Solavei and – since nobody will seem to give me any work or even respond to employment inquiries and applications, I have found that I need to take matters into my own hands and work this great opportunity. My goal is to personally help 1,000 save money on their cell bills and/or help them make an extra $1000 or more each and every month.

Those are my three priorities and that’s where my focus is going. I do have a lot of other interests and involvement, but EVERYTHING else is secondary at this point. Sorry if that offends you or causes you questions, but that is the way that it needs to be – and the way that it is.

Thank you very much for your support and positive vibes.

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 27 So Many Positives

Today is Day 27 of my personal quest to stop smoking marijuana. Feeling very good – mentally and hopefully my latest episode of too much suffering from latest neck injury is calming down.

There are so many great positives that I’m experiencing that I really want to recommend to anyone who may have let pot (or any other substance) take over their lives. Try getting rid of that for 30 days and just see how you feel. I seriously doubt you will want to go back to abusing your substance of choice – as well as your mind and body.

Please watch this video, leave a comment and subscribe if you would like.

Update: this has been one of these days that started out really well and got progressively more challenging.    It seems that the more I tried to help people today, the more things went wrong – and the more that was expected of me. In the end, I didn’t have the capacity to live up to expectations, but at least I’m staying true to myself and my overall needs -without having to smoke a big fat joint – or even take one little hit.  Day 27 is in the bag.

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