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Joe Connector Kennedy Celebrates 9 Months without Weed

Nine months without marijuana! This is the first time that I have been without pot that long for a very, very long time. It’s just a start, but something I feel very good about.

My life has improved a great deal since I quit using marijuana. My relationships have got better, my health has improved, my energy levels have increased and I’m able to do many things that I could not, or would not when I was stoned all the time.

One of the best things about having quit smoking pot is that I am also able to positively affect other people in similar circumstances all over the world. It can be very difficult to quit using marijuana – especially when surrounded by friends and sometimes family who are not interested in stopping (or clearing their heads). But with the support from others and the ability to document the journey, it can be much easier.

If you are interested in quitting pot for good and would like to share your story and document your journey on our blog athttp://HowIQuitSmokingPot.com – please send me an email to JoeConnector(at)gmail.com and I will get you a login asap. Writing about my journey has helped me – and I know it can help you too!

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 27 So Many Positives

Today is Day 27 of my personal quest to stop smoking marijuana. Feeling very good – mentally and hopefully my latest episode of too much suffering from latest neck injury is calming down.

There are so many great positives that I’m experiencing that I really want to recommend to anyone who may have let pot (or any other substance) take over their lives. Try getting rid of that for 30 days and just see how you feel. I seriously doubt you will want to go back to abusing your substance of choice – as well as your mind and body.

Please watch this video, leave a comment and subscribe if you would like.

Update: this has been one of these days that started out really well and got progressively more challenging.    It seems that the more I tried to help people today, the more things went wrong – and the more that was expected of me. In the end, I didn’t have the capacity to live up to expectations, but at least I’m staying true to myself and my overall needs -without having to smoke a big fat joint – or even take one little hit.  Day 27 is in the bag.

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 18 Interesting Day with Lots of Lessons

Today was Day 18 in my personal journey of quitting the use of pot, marijuana, MMJ, cannabis or anything you want to call it. Still getting over being sick, but feeling better and finally able to eat more than a couple of bites of food.

Today was not without it’s frustrations, but also another great day of learning – about myself and others. I was very tempted on several occasions to reach out and let someone know what I thought of their actions, but think I did a pretty good job of refraining. Instead I am trying to use what I learned from them to decide where to focus my time and energy.

I really am trying to focus on the positive, but it is amazing to me how many people want and expect my help, but won’t do anything at all to return the favors. This is not of course everyone, but often seems to be the most demanding people – and those who least deserve any help (or respect). Another thing that I cannot understand is how many people in business can go through their work day and not return phone calls or respond to emails .. owell my rant is over.

A couple of interesting points about the day regarding quitting pot, is that 1) my level of anxiety / frustration / aggravation seems to be diminishing and 2) As I sat down for an early evening meal, I almost instinctively (and unconsciously) reached for a pipe and lighter. I don’t even want to smoke! It was just out of habit, as I used to smoke before and after most meals. I do need to make sure that I continue to get as much sleep as I need so I don’t have those unconscious reactions …

At any rate, all is good – I’m most of the way through Day 18 and still no desire at all to use pot ever again. It certainly helps that my new friends on the blog are making good headway too.

If you or anyone you know are going through similar struggles, everyone is welcome to post comments, with video or not – and I would be happy to set up a login on the blog for anyone who is interested.

Thanks again for watching and your great support. Oh BTW FYI – this is the first video I am posting on my new YouTube channel for HowIQuitSmokingPot.com, so if you want to see the next ones, please make sure to subscribe! JK

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 16 Neck Pain, Changes and The Flu

Today was day 16 in my personal quest to stop smoking pot. Unfortunately, I’ve recently been suffering from a lot of neck pain due to herniated discs in my neck – they really seem to be flaring up. In the past, I would just use marijuana to deal with the pain and it would help get me through the day – but no longer.

I now need to find another way to cope with this chronic pain – but have not found the correct answer yet … In the past when I went to the doctor (western doctors), they would simply prescribe me narcotic pain relievers and muscle relaxers. At one point I was actually very addicted to Vicodin, but got off of it and have not taken it for many years.

In my past search for ways to deal with pain, I have found that there are many Eastern Style practitioners who really really care about the health of their patients. They are not just there to prescribe drugs. Acupuncture actually saved my life after having headaches every day for over two years. So … the bottom line is that I need to make some money so I can go back to acupuncture treatments. I really think that they are the solution.

A couple of interesting changes that I’ve noticed over the past couple of days – besides the serious pain. One thing is that my sense of smell is getting much more acute – unfortunately getting more sensitive to mostly bad odors. Another thing is that this morning (after 15 days without pot) I finally started coughing up some black crap out of my lungs. Stoners call this stuff “resin balls”. I just find it interesting that I haven’t been hacking this stuff up earlier …

Today while in a business meeting, I suddenly became very ill. I had to get up and go the the washroom and then cancel my next appointment and go directly home. Before I reached my bed to lay down, I became violently physically sick. After sleeping much of the day and not eating anything, I’m feeling a bit better – hungry and with a lot of muscle aches, but afraid to eat.

I am hoping that the neck pain I’ve been experiencing for the past couple of days was a precursor to what seems like this bout of the flu – and that it will go away with the sickness.

Only time will tell

Thanks for watching the video, reading the blog and for all the positive support!

Pain is No Fun – Still Looking for Healthy, Effective Alternative to Medical Marijuana

Picture 271Successfully made it through Day 15 of my personal quest to stop using marijuana, as it had pretty much taken over my life.  There have already been many great benefits, BUT there is also a MAJOR challenge: the herniated discs in my neck have been still causing me ongoing chronic pain and I have not been able to find anything that will actually help with it.

One of my other addictions (albeit healthy) does not seem to be helping either:  I feel the need to exercise almost daily.  This usually involves lifting weights, a great deal of core work and some cardio (although not nearly as much as a lot of people who just don’t know any better).

Tonight the pain has been so bad that I had to dig out my neck collar, which I have not worn in several months.  It is totally uncomfortable and I really hate wearing it in public – so I almost never do.  But sometimes it really does help a lot – tonight is one of those nights.

Still the same, as much as I really need exercise daily and do not want to back step on the great progress I have made on developing my body (and sometimes assuming the identity of Joe Abs) – I am 1000% committed to staying off the pot.  I just hope these neck issues don’t start making it difficult to think again – then it’s really a toss up between which is worse …. pain or pot.

An old friend from my days as a commercial crab fisherman in Alaska (think Deadliest Catch without the TV cameras and fake BS) probably said it best:  “Pain is a GOOD thing, it tells you that you are still alive.”

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 15 and I Haven’t Killed Anyone Yet

Today is Day 15 in my quest to stop smoking marijuana. I’ve made it successfully through my first two weeks! The support community on the blog is growing and there’s a lot of great positive support being shared around the globe.

This quest has not been without it’s challenges – I have been extra cranky and irritable and I’m sure I’ve pissed off a number of people. I’ve also alienated my own mother, and even though it was regarding another issue, I’m sure she’s blaming it on “withdrawals”.

I’m finding that I’m not really suffering through physically withdrawals (at least I don’t think I am – but I guess the irritability refutes that), but that I just have to fight the habit of turning to pot when I get upset or frustrated. Even though I have a stash close by – I haven’t turned to it once. I keep telling myself that I am striving for optimal health and that is not possible when smoking anything.

Some really, really good things are happening, but at the same time I do realize that I desperately need to find another way to cope with the daily pain that I endure due to herniated discs in my neck. Come to think about it, I’m not really sure if I am irritable from pot withdrawals – or simply from being in almost constant pain …

At any rate, the amount of support that I’ve been getting during the past week (since I went public with YouTube videos and sent a very personal email to 4,628 of my closest friends) has been amazing. There is no way I can let y’all down! Thank you very much – I am so grateful!

Day 8: Wow – I Am Committed Now: The Most Humbling Video I’ve Ever Made

Wow – not sure I should have done this …  I really value the great advice in Jerry Dorsman’s Book “How to Quit Drugs For Good” and he said NOT to tell everyone, but of course in my own contradictory style, I had to ignore his great advice.

This video is probably the most humbling video I have ever made.  It may cause me some problems, will definitely bring up a lot of questions and will definitely make some people raise their eyebrows.  Guess what?  I’m still glad that I did it – and it seems to have lifted a great weight off of my shoulders.

I’m not ready to admit I’m a pot addict (because I know I can and have changed), but definitely acknowledge that I have to fight addictive behaviors – and that I need to keep myself from using marijuana – medical or otherwise.

Anyway, take a look at the video if you’d like and let me know your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you.

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