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DAY 4. Away from Hashish: Negatives, Positives and Ongoing Goals

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies, support and suggestions.

DAY 4.

Off today too but back to work tomorrow. Not really looking forward to that.

Slept better last night (or should I say this morning as it was around 6:00am when I got to sleep).

I drank a shit-load of herbal Sleep and Nerve Tea yesterday which has:
Valerian root
Dried hop cones
Passion flower herb
Peppermint leaves
Rosemary leaves

It made me feel kinda dopey and tired which was nice I guess.

I feel more tired now tonight (10:30pm) because I set and re-set my alarm around 10 times this morning so I didn’t really have a proper sleep (on purpose so I would be tired tonight which I am).

I had/have mixed feelings today…

Negative Comments:

I would really like a joint tonight. Drinking a few brewskies and having a Ciggie instead though.

I notice I have very short temper at the minute and am liable to ‘loose it’ and start shouting profanities if something remotely goes wrong.

Feel on and off kind of emotional all day. Nearly started crying watching a soppy advert on TV earlier. What’s that all about?? I’m a tough cookie me. That ain’t right.

Positive Comments:

First and foremost…
Still of the Doob

I seem a little more motivated today. Spring cleaned the whole kitchen today and plan on doing a room a day in the evening after work to keep me busy when I would usually be kicking back with a Doobie.

I have made a loose ‘To Do List’ for the coming weeks.

I have set goals for the next 3 months in relation to health behaviour as I see that my cigarette smoking and beer consuming has increased (as I expected).

Loose plan is:

A. Quit Doob (8 Weeks until end of Feb.)


B. No more Beers Monday to Friday (4 Week until end of March and then continue pattern)


C. Quit smoking cigarettes (besides social in a bar or so), start cycling to work daily (10KM) and start jogging again every second evening like I used to last year.

I also want to try and eat a little healthier as ans from now (Salad, Fruits…etc)

I think that’s all my news for now guys,

Thank you both again for your time and support,

Richie x

DAY 3. Away from Hashish: Negatives and Positives

Hi Guys,


Negative Comments:

I didn’t get to sleep this morning until about 5:30am and then I was only kind of half asleep having weird dreams and sweating buckets. I had to literally swap pillows and bedclothes because they were soaking.

Bigger Problem:

I was so wrecked this morning that I couldn’t get up and go to work (I am Project Manager in a Logistics). Actually feel sick like I have a bad cold or something.

I stayed in bed all day and feel like a loser again.

Because I slept all day again I know that tonight will be the same bullshit.

I might decide to simply stay up all night and tomorrow to try and sort my sleep pattern. It’s been screwed due to staying up too late every night over Christmas.

Positive Comments:

None besides still of the Dope

Sorry can’t be more positive.

Thanks guys,


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