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Reason #2 for Quitting Marijuana

The other day I made a video and posted about my #1 reason for quitting weed:  optimal health.  This video is about my #2 reason that I quit smoking pot.  The only reason that this is #2 is because health is everything – without it, nothing else matters.

My #2 reason that I quit smoking pot is so that I can have better relationships with my friends, family and loved ones.  I have definitely noticed that since I quit smoking pot, I am a lot more available for all of my relationships – especially those that matter most:  friends, family and loved ones.  I am more available for my daughter, I am more available for my girlfriend (who has become my fiance since I quit smoking weed), for her son and for my other family members.

If these first two reasons are not enough for you to want to quit smoking marijuana, you may indeed have a problem with the dope.  In future videos and posts, I will be letting you know about many, many other reasons why I wanted to stop relying on weed in my life – and more ways that you can cut it from yours as well.

If you know you want pot out of your life for good and need help getting it out – Seb Grant’s Quit Weed program is very good and has been of great help to me.  If you want to buy it (it will cost you less than your last bag of weed), please click here or on the side banner for my affiliate link.  I do make a little money from referring you to this program and I thank you for your support.

Joe “Tesla Manifestor” Kennedy

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