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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 40? Happy February and the End to Hair Farming

Today is Day 40 of my personal quest to stop smoking marijuana – at least I think it is … I’ve lost track and probably won’t be posting nearly as much. This ‘project’ has not been without it’s challenges – mostly dealing with a ton of pain, but other than that, I really have no desire to dumb myself down any more.

Yesterday was kind of a big day – it was the day of my last harvest as The Hair Farmer It was the 2nd time I grew my hair out for the benefit of Locks of Love and children with medical challenges and a very interesting experience to put it mildly. Judging by reactions of my new pics on various social networks, it will probably be a bit easier for me to find a job now …

There were several reasons I chose to cut my hair yesterday: 1) I told my daughter I was going to do whatever it takes to make extra money to pay for her acting classes. It’s kind of silly to think that someone wouldn’t hire me (or anyone else) because of the way that they wear their hair, but people are human and make judgments – many based on appearances. 2) I want to do everything possible to try to alleviate the neck pain I’ve been experiencing – the hair didn’t weigh all that much, but one never knows how much is too much. 3) The end of the month seemed like a good time 4) It was just time.

At any rate, I am definitely on the search for a job and at the same time will be working very hard to continue to build the Presidential Team at Solavei and Please check it out!

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