About How I Quit Smoking Pot

About How I Quit Smoking Pot: (updated 8/12/20)

Damn – I started this site quite a few years ago, when I was having trouble with smoking way too much weed – and before it became legal in many places.

I kind of let the site get dormant and stopped making videos, but now in The Great Awakening of 2020, I’ve been searching for something to do to help other people.  I went to my Quitting Pot YouTube channel just this morning for How I Quit Smoking Pot and saw that I had exactly 420 subscribers!

How crazy is that?  In fact, one of many comments that had been left on my videos was that someone in Germany because the 420th subscriber and is taking that as a sign to quit!

Now I am far from perfect, but I have grown to where I very rarely smoke pot any more.  It just tires me out, makes me want to eat stuff I know is not healthy for me and very simply, it keeps me from being as healthy as I can be.  Since I live in California (for now), where it is legal to buy and use recreationally, marijuana is even more readily available than it used to be.  And in many different forms.

One of the main reasons that I don’t smoke much any more is that I want to be good to my lungs, my brain and the rest of my body.  I’ve abused them all for way too long – and am very lucky to still be alive into my late 50s.

Still the same, I definitely advocate for cannabis and marijuana products over prescription drugs ANY TIME.  That is why I do usually keep some edible gummies on hand – in case some of my physical challenges (headaches, neck pain, insomnia) get to me, it’s easy and inexpensive to pop a gummy or two.  It usually leads to a nice 2-3 hour nap too …

That’s where I’m at now.

It’s been a long road from starting smoking weed at 12 years old, going to multiple times a day by 13 and continuing those activities for pretty much 40+ years (although I did take occasional breaks – mostly mandated by work, relationships or international travel).

As most addicts will say, “I’ve quit hundreds of times.”  And I have – but it didn’t really work for me until I started learning, reading, writing and talking about how to quit smoking pot.  Since that time, I have been called A LOT of names and cursed A LOT, but I have also met many people who, like me, knew that their lives would be better without the “evil” weed.

I hope that I’ve been able to help some of these people around the world in the past, and now hope that I’ll be able to reach and help even more in the coming days, months and years.

If you are looking to quit smoking pot, perhaps my story can serve as somewhat of an inspiration – or cautionary tale.  It would be even cooler if we can communicate, help others and maybe even meet up somewhere IRL.

Peace, Love and Aloha

The Former Farmer Joe

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