Quitting Pot? Need Help?

If you are finding that your use of marijuana, hashish or other forms of cannabis is negatively affecting your life and want to quit, you have our full support.  Please visit our blog (see menu above) feel free to comment on any of the pages or posts here and don’t be afraid to tell your story.  There are literally people here going through the same or similar issues from all around the globe.

After you make a few comments, you are welcome to join us as a blogger and can be granted your own personal login and section of the blog.  The more the merrier – we want to help support YOU – so please make sure to sign up for our email list!

If you need some extra help or support, it’s okay – there are other tools available here too.  For less than the cost of your next bag of weed, you can invest in Seb Grant’s best selling guide to quitting marijuana called “Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide“.  (Disclosure – if you are smart enough to purchase it and get it through a link on this site, I do earn an affiliate commission and will be extra grateful to you).  When purchased from this site it also comes with bonuses including an additional guide called Natural Marijuana Detox, as well as audio and video programs that are included as bonuses.

Best of success to you.  Onward and upward!

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