1. Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide…


PLUS: Natural Marijuana Detox

2. How to Quit Using Drugs for Good by Jerry Dorsman

This is a great book – perhaps one of the best self-help books ever written.  I actually checked it out from the local library just before Christmas and am almost completely through it.  You can buy it from Amazon – used for as low as 72 cents – but you’ll want to buy your own copy so you can write your own notes.

Lots of great ideas and tips, as well as other resources.  I would really like to meet Mr. Jerry Dorsman of, because his book is truly helping transform my life!


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  1. Terry says:

    Joe, congratulations on your new endeavor. I wish you the utmost success. I was a big pot head for many many years and haven’t smoked since 1988. I still miss it, and look forward to lighting up sometime before I die. But I found that I’m just as lazy and unproductive straight As I was stoned. I see your into health and fitness as am I. I work out 4to5 times a week and am 10 years older than you. I wonder did the pot keep you from being into fitness or just getting a job. Anyway the blog is great and looks like your channeling your energy into a useful tool. I’m also very much into music and photography,maybe some new hobbies will help with your new sobriety. You can check out some of my pics on google plus under terry micalizio. I’ll check in from time to time to see how your doing. Keep up the good fight. Terry

  2. Joe Kennedy says:

    Thanks a lot for your kind comment Terry! Time will tell about long-term productivity – I’m usually a high energy guy, but especially hate talking on the phone when I’ve been using pot.

    Pot never kept me from the gym – I usually smoked before and after. The people at the gyms I go to are probably wondering why I don’t smell like weed any more.

    Your idea about new hobbies is right on – I’ve actually started getting into watching movies, reading and writing – and even though I don’t have a great voice and play no instruments, I’m working on starting a garage band just for fun.

    Thanks again – and I will start to follow you on Google+

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