100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3

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100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3 Are You Up For It?

100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3:  Ups and Downs, Many Frustrations and Victories

Here is a video for my 100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3 to Stoners, Tokers and Potheads everywhere.

Yesterday was a difficult day. I was doing a lot of technical website work and a bunch of tools I had not used in awhile. It led to a lot of frustration, swearing and yelling (at my computer). But I did not reach for the pot. Was not even tempted.

In the end it turned out to be a productive day. I got done most of what I set out to do and furthered some opportunities.

So far, today has been an awesome day. Two hour workout at the gym, green drink, healthy breakfast and …. (you’ll have to watch the video to find out what else).

Still looking for people to take on the 100 Day No Weed Challenge with me. Are YOU up for it? You always say you can quit anytime you want ….

I challenge you to give up marijuana just for the summer and see how your life changes …

BTW – I’d really love it if you commented and subscribed!

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