45 Reasons to Stop Smoking Weed

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Seb Grant’s First 45 Reasons to Quit Smoking Marijuana

Seb Grant’s list of 60 reasons to quit smoking marijuana:

1. Breathing clean and deeply.
2. No more coughing up tar (aka resin balls).
3. Increase in oxygen intake.
4. Dramatic increase in energy.
5. Sharper mental dexterity.
6. Smoother mood transitions.
7. Increase short-term memory.
8. Increase in stress tolerance.
9. Increase in emotional intelligence.
10. More free time for yourself.
11. Improved diet without “the munchies”.
12. Dramatic increase in confidence.
13. No more fumbling your words.
14. Increase in life results.
15. Increase in creativity.
16. Enjoying simple pleasures.
17. Everything tastes better.
18. Increased body / chest size.
19. Increased humility and ability to relax.
20. Ability to sleep and relax more easily.
21. No risk of legal problems or bs.
22. Less risk of health problems.
23. No wasting time “scoring”.
24. Deeper relationships with everyone.
25. Closer relationships from friends.
26. Increased money (even dealers).
27. Increased desire to improve.
28. Develop your witty personality.
29. Caring more for other people.
30. Become more popular instantly.
31. No paranoia.
32. No indecision.
33. No analysis paralysis.
34. Less personal insecurities.
35. You look happier & healthier.
36. You feel happier & healthier.
37. You increase your presence.
38. Increased alignment with spirit.
39. Increase in certain problem solving abilities.
40. Gain respect for yourself (self-respect).
41. Natural “highs” will increase.
42. No need for sunglasses.
43. No more scary chest pains.
44. Ability to persuade others.
45. Ability to attract sexy time.  And who doesn’t want more sexy time?  I sure know that I’ve been having A LOT more sex since I’ve quit smoking weed.

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