60 Reasons to Quit Smoking Pot

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How to Quit Smoking Pot – So Many Reasons to Quit Smoking the Dope

Today marks 78 days since the last time I ever smoked marijuana. Life is getting better and better.

Seb Grant has a great video out there with 60 reasons to quit smoking weed. I am going to try to start my own list (I’m sure many of his reasons will be on my list too) here on the blog – and hope to start making more short videos talking about each specific reason.

If you need some support or encouragement in your quest to stop smoking weed, let me know. I do care. Quitting is not for everyone, but if you feel like pot has a negative effect in your life, you can stop.

So Many Reasons to Stop Smoking Pot … Here Are 60 Reasons to Kick Cannabis Out of Your Life

There are so many excellent reasons to stop smoking pot.  Here is a video that has 60 reasons to kick cannabis out of your life:


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