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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 33 Acupuncture Takes the Place of MMJ

Today is Day 33 in my personal quest to quit smoking marijuana. My biggest challenge lately is a recurring injury in my neck (two separate herniated discs) that have been causing me A LOT of pain. So much so, I thought I might have to go back to using “Medical Marijuana”.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to avoid that and have found a really good acupuncturist who is helping to relieve the pain. Still far from feeling perfect yet, but much, much, oh so much better. Not even tempted to smoke again. Although it was a little weird grilling on the BBQ on the deck today and not smoking weed. Not sure I’ve ever done that before. I guess there is always a time for firsts. Seem to be a lot more of them lately – and for that I am very grateful.

I should also mention that acupuncture is not just great for getting rid of pain. It has also been very effective in treating all kinds of addictions, in weight loss, and something I just learned this week – it can also help women who are having trouble getting pregnant …

Day 31: Thankful for Lei Ding of Ding’s Acupuncture

The last couple of days have been personally difficult, but I feel like I’m past the worst of the pain – thanks to Lei Ding from Ding’s Acupuncture, Massage & Herbs here in Bellevue.

Upon examination, Lei said she had not seen a neck/back nearly as tight and inflamed as mine in a long, long time.  She said there was A LOT of heat in my neck and upper back.  I kept thinking to myself that it was just because I’m HOT (rofl), but she kept asking about eating spicy foods.  How did she know I’ve been putting Frank’s Red Hot sauce on my turkey, chicken and sweet potatoes? Read More …

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