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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 15 Almost Eaten by a Lioness

http://HowIQuitSmokingPot.com Today is Day 15 since I last smoked marijuana. My mood seems to be leveling off and I did not have (or at least remember) any dreams (or nightmares) for a couple of nights – until last night / this morning.

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Angel’s Day 16

It finally happened. I dreamt about smoking pot. In my dream I was hanging out with a friend getting ready to go out and she whipped out a one hitter. I remember being hesitant about taking a toke but did it anyways and immediately after remorse hit me. Pretty intense feeling of guilt as I woke up, but relieved to know that I did not smoke 🙂

My headaches are still there but very slight, sleeping patterns are still sporadic.  My reward, though, is that it’s DAY 16 and I have no desire whatsoever to smoke. I don’t have an urgency to go to a dispensary to get pot anymore (perhaps that will come back but at least I know that I will fight it and win).  My mind is getting clearer every day from the 17 years of fog; short term memory is finally coming back. Remembering people’s names upon greeting is a big thing and I’m slowly getting there. I’m not aimlessly multi-tasking anymore, yet focusing on one thing at a time with great concentration and feeling a great sense of accomplishment. I’m starting to meditate again as well as working out. Drinking a ton of water and eating better food (not having a munch fest anymore). Best of all, my skin has improved, my lungs feel more free and I am genuinely happier.

If only I had known…I would have done this sooner 😉 But better now than never!!!!

Peace and love.



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