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How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 21 Starts With Early Test

Hannah Montana KennedyI was just waken from a deep sleep at 6am (even while wearing ear plugs) at 6am by a barking dog right outside my room.  Turns out it was MY dog that one of my not so bright housemates let outside by herself – after being asked not to leave her outside without chaining her up.

Poor Hannah Montana Kennedy.  She never even used to bark before her new ‘friends’ started ‘training’ her.  Now she won’t even follow her master’s commands.  They’ve really screwed her up and I really don’t appreciate it.  Just like I really don’t appreciate being waken up – EVER – especially on Game Day.  Go Seahawks and God please help me make enough money so I don’t have to continue renting rooms to these Bozos …

Oh yeah – BTW it is the start of Day 21 in my personal journey without pot – but the day has not started very well.  (If you cannot tell, I am VERY crabby and need more sleep but will head to the gym instead).

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