Nightmares Begin

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Angel’s Day 10: Phlegm and coughing

Day 10 and I’m  coughing some things out.  I mean, I don’t terribly mind because I know I’m healing and the body is trying to get rid of the built up resin in my lungs. How long did it last for everyone?

Headache is gone and so are night sweats btw. I had my first real nightmare yesterday. It was fun…



How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 10 Humbling Feedback and The Nightmares Begin

Today is Day 10 in my adventure on my personal journey to quit using marijuana. Yesterday I sent out a very personal email entitled “A Heartfelt Personal Message from Joe “The Connector” Kennedy to almost 5,000 people who are email subscribers to my lists for and Eastside Entrepreneurs. All of the positive feedback that I’ve received is very, very humbling.

There are so many great and caring people out there and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I heard from friends, relatives, business owners, CEOs, government officials and people I have never even met. Although there were 41 people who unsubscribed from my lists (I don’t blame them at all), there were many more who sent me notes of positive encouragement. They came from near and far – as far away as Central America. It was by far the most (and best) response I have ever had to an email 🙂

One thing that I did find interesting is that more that a couple people wished me good luck on my “attempt” – which I took as them not realizing that my decision has been made and that they don’t know that I will keep at it. The interesting part is that I believe ALL of these types of comments came from long time users ….

One side note: Last night the nightmares began – I dreamed that I smoked marijuana again and that my streak was broken. This is something I guess that I am going to have to deal with for some time – BUT I woke up with a clear head and a big smile on my face. All is good and today is another day to celebrate – just without drugs!

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