Pot is Legal in Washington

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WA State Issues First Recreational Pot Licenses How Will Marijuana Stores Change Life as We Know It?

Washington Legal MarijuanaToday the Washington State Liquor Control Board issued the first 24 Recreational Marijuana sales licenses – including one on Main Street here in my hometown of Bellevue.  Some of the stores will open as soon as tomorrow.  Even though I am no longer a consumer of pot, I am tempted to go in to see what they look like and how they will be doing business.  I suspect they will be a lot like the medical marijuana dispensaries that I’ve been in, with lots of security, but without all the paperwork – or medical ID card or recommendation needed.

Last week I heard on the radio that the average price of pot at these stores will be $10 to $15 a gram.  That price seems very reasonable – especially considering that when I first started smoking pot nearly 40 years, good weed was $8-10 a gram.  What wasn’t mentioned is the huge tax that the state has chosen to put on ‘recreational’ marijuana. Read More …

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