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First 100 Days Without Marijuana: How I Quit Smoking Pot

Today I celebrate my first 100 days without pot in my life. So far, really great. Not without life challenges, but life is much, much better while not having to rely on any substance to help make me relax, feel better, or just cope with the day.

Although 100 days is a milestone and I want to celebrate my victories, it really seems that its been a lot longer since I last smoked pot. That’s probably because I went about 350 days without pot last year before ‘falling down’ and letting weed back into my life for the entire ski season …

Since that time, for the first time in my life, I have declared to myself (and publicly) that I no longer want or need marijuana in my life. Life is good and there is so much that I appreciate.

I appreciate that I no longer rely on pot to make me feel better or cope with the stresses of life. Thank you.

Joe Tesla Kennedy’s #1 Reason to Stop Smoking Pot

Last week I wrote a blog post outlining Seb Grant’s first 45 reasons to quit smoking marijuana. In this video I unveil my number one reason to quit smoking the dope (or anything else): Ultimate Health.

While it’s true that there probably are some pot smokers who are healthier than people who consume a poor diet and or never get any exercise (I was one of the ‘healthy’ pot smokers or so I thought) – anyone who smokes anything can never achieve optimal health.

I’ve actually decided that I’d like to stay alive awhile, and while alive, I want to be as healthy as I can. To do that, I KNEW I had to quit smoking pot.

My question for you is – do you want to be as healthy as you can be?

Oh yeah – do you want to know why I changed my middle name to Tesla? Check out http://ImGettingATesla.com or http://Patreon.com/JoeTesla

Are You Feeling Loyalty to Your Dope Dealer?

Today is Day 28 since I last smoked marijuana. In this video I address an issue that someone brought up in an email a couple of weeks ago. Many people who use cannabis feel some kind of obligation or loyalty to their weed dealer. 

I’m not sure why this happens, but I know that I felt it A LOT when I was much younger. My weed dealer did not care about me at all – he just wanted my money and send me on my way. Why in the world would I feel like it was my responsibility to support him?

I would love to hear you comments.

Day 2: How I Quit Smoking Pot (Again)

Yesterday was my first full day of not smoking pot in almost 6 months.  I’m already feel better!

Today is Day 2 in my latest quest to stop smoking marijuana. I successfully made it through my first full day and accomplished a lot more than I had been.

Wins included signing up for some volunteer work, working longer hours, getting in my first bike ride of the year, only eating healthy (no crap at all yesterday), short workout (still trying to overcome a snowboard injury).

I’m going to keep this simple – although it won’t be easy. I just want to replace my bad habits with better ones – and help people along the way.

Welcome to How We Quit Smoking Pot Cindy G!

I’m very happy to welcome a new blogger here at How We Quit Smoking Pot – Cindy G!  Please give her a warm welcome as she has just started her journey without weed and like the rest of us, will only benefit from our unconditional support.

I won’t tell you where she lives or give you any background on her – I will leave that to Cindy to do if she chooses.

Always happy to have someone else join in and document their experience – it has surely helped me live without pot for the last 354 days – but who is counting?  😉

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