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DAY 2. Away from Hashish

Hi Guys,

Well I have got through day 1 and although it is 2:30am I am feeling physically tired for once which is nice for a change. Usually the Doob has me feeling wide awake at night time keeping me up watching YouTube until stupid O’clock (as I call it). I have admittedly had 5 beers and have chain smoked all day but hey it’s a start I guess.

Feeling a little detached from the world but it ain’t that bad as of yet.

Wish me luck.

All the best,

Thanks again,


DAY 0. Getting Ready to Quit Using Hashish

Hi Guys.

I came across your ‘How I Quit Smoking Pot – Perhaps the Most Truthful and Humbling Video I Have Ever Made’ Video just now on YouTube.

It was nice to find such a recent video on this topic. Congratulations on your strength to quit up to this point. ;)

I am a 40 year old guy who also wishes to simply stop smoking hash and move on with my life which I feel has been in limbo for years as my motivation has hit an all time low and I get nothing personal done anymore and always leave important personal and work related stuff to the last minute or don’t take care of things at all due to prioritising smoking over everything. My concentration at work has gotten really bad too because recently I have been staying up really late smoking and only getting on average 5 hours sleep a night. This makes me ‘brain-dead’ in the morning and it is a serious struggle to get our of bed and function at a work to a point that my boss has pulled me into meetings to question my performance on several occasions. This has cost me dearly and also financially too due to been fined for not paying bills on time even if I had the money but was too lazy to pay the bill due to smoking. I am reliant on hash to make me relax and feel ‘normal’ in the evenings. I used to be extremely motivated, proactive and social and all this behaviour make me feel like an idiot and a loser as I consider myself weak and quite pathetic for not quitting. I have been smoking daily (mostly only evenings after work or when my kid is in bed) for around 15 years straight (13 years weed and 2 years hash instead due to paranoia from weed) and am extremely worried about the side effects of quitting (lack of concentration, depression, lack of focus, lack of sleep, irritable, aggressive…etc). I am always under serious pressure at work (project manager) and am concerned that I will not be able to function properly at work while withdrawing during the critical 6 to 8 week it can take to balance out and start feeling normal.

I have always put off quitting due to it never being the ‘right time’ to deal with the withdrawal process. For example, I was to busy and stressed at work, my Mum was terminally sick (passed last year) or I didn’t want to spend my holiday going through withdrawals…etc.

I have been thinking seriously about quitting for many years now. This Christmas just gone, I reduced my use a little (down to about 2 joints an evening and opposed to the usual 4 or so)

I am back to work on Monday (7th Jan, 2013) and I have enough block left for about 2 joints this evening. I want this evening to by my last time smoking, try and get through the weekend and then stay off it. I am already fighting the urge to go and pick up some this evening.

I have an addictive personality and usually have a couple of beers every evening too. However, my tolerance for alcohol is very high due to the this similar bad habit of ‘a beers every evening’. I also want to dump this bad habit and stop drinking Monday to Friday.

In the past, when I could not get hash, I noticed that to compensate having no hash I would chain smoke cigarettes and end up drinking a lot more (probably 8 beers an evening as opposed to the usual 2) so that I could attempt to sleep.

My goal is to quit hash first without my alcohol use going ‘over the top’ (which it probably will).

Is there anything you can suggest in relation to my situation or to help me deal with the mental and physical withdrawals in relation to diet and habit…etc.?

Any feed back at all is appreciated.

Can I actually do this??

Thanks Buddy and good luck,


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