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Joe Tesla Kennedy’s #1 Reason to Stop Smoking Pot

Last week I wrote a blog post outlining Seb Grant’s first 45 reasons to quit smoking marijuana. In this video I unveil my number one reason to quit smoking the dope (or anything else): Ultimate Health.

While it’s true that there probably are some pot smokers who are healthier than people who consume a poor diet and or never get any exercise (I was one of the ‘healthy’ pot smokers or so I thought) – anyone who smokes anything can never achieve optimal health.

I’ve actually decided that I’d like to stay alive awhile, and while alive, I want to be as healthy as I can. To do that, I KNEW I had to quit smoking pot.

My question for you is – do you want to be as healthy as you can be?

Oh yeah – do you want to know why I changed my middle name to Tesla? Check out or

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