DAY 4. Away from Hashish: Negatives, Positives and Ongoing Goals

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies, support and suggestions.

DAY 4.

Off today too but back to work tomorrow. Not really looking forward to that.

Slept better last night (or should I say this morning as it was around 6:00am when I got to sleep).

I drank a shit-load of herbal Sleep and Nerve Tea yesterday which has:
Valerian root
Dried hop cones
Passion flower herb
Peppermint leaves
Rosemary leaves

It made me feel kinda dopey and tired which was nice I guess.

I feel more tired now tonight (10:30pm) because I set and re-set my alarm around 10 times this morning so I didn’t really have a proper sleep (on purpose so I would be tired tonight which I am).

I had/have mixed feelings today…

Negative Comments:

I would really like a joint tonight. Drinking a few brewskies and having a Ciggie instead though.

I notice I have very short temper at the minute and am liable to ‘loose it’ and start shouting profanities if something remotely goes wrong.

Feel on and off kind of emotional all day. Nearly started crying watching a soppy advert on TV earlier. What’s that all about?? I’m a tough cookie me. That ain’t right.

Positive Comments:

First and foremost…
Still of the Doob

I seem a little more motivated today. Spring cleaned the whole kitchen today and plan on doing a room a day in the evening after work to keep me busy when I would usually be kicking back with a Doobie.

I have made a loose ‘To Do List’ for the coming weeks.

I have set goals for the next 3 months in relation to health behaviour as I see that my cigarette smoking and beer consuming has increased (as I expected).

Loose plan is:

A. Quit Doob (8 Weeks until end of Feb.)


B. No more Beers Monday to Friday (4 Week until end of March and then continue pattern)


C. Quit smoking cigarettes (besides social in a bar or so), start cycling to work daily (10KM) and start jogging again every second evening like I used to last year.

I also want to try and eat a little healthier as ans from now (Salad, Fruits…etc)

I think that’s all my news for now guys,

Thank you both again for your time and support,

Richie x

4 Commentsto DAY 4. Away from Hashish: Negatives, Positives and Ongoing Goals

  1. Katie says:

    Awesome work mate!!

    You are doing really well 🙂

  2. Richie says:

    Cheers Katie,

    Thanks for this reply (I had actually seen it but was a little too wrecked to reply).

    Don't worry. No added pressure from you.

    If I do slip, I will put my hand up and admit to it and not run away from here. 😉

    Although, 5 DAYS now. Longest I have ever done without having to.

    Happy Days,

    Cheers Katie,

    Richie xx

  3. Katie says:

    – Just reposting in case you missed it 😉

    Hey there Richie!!

    WHOOOO!!! Day 4!!!

    First of all, congratulations!!!
    It’s absolutely awesome that you are still off the doobs!!

    I just wanted to say, if you do happen to slip up at some point and partake – please please please don’t feel like it’s the end of the world or that you can’t still talk to us etc!!
    I say this because Chris (by bf) was reading through the blog and pointed out that while we clearly only mean to encourage, help and offer guidance etc., that we/I might be coming across as putting added pressure on you (both of you).

    I sincerely hope that’s not the way you have read into it – as it’s most certainly not the case!!
    That said – “DON’T DO IT MAN!!” hehe

    The bathroom floor thing was pretty funny -not so much at the time- but I was just burning up so badly I couldn’t think what else to do (cold shower would have woken everyone else up).

    I can definitely relate to the emotional thing!!
    I was crazy emotional for the first week or so and am still surprised Chris didn’t have me committed lol.
    I would often either burst into tears, or into fits of rage – and often took it out on my furniture – especially my doors (still better than another person I guess) but it was unusual behaviour for me!

    Perhaps you could try and vent the frustration/anger into something a little more productive – like running or a bike ride (or cleaning lol)… It pretty much worked for me!
    I found the angrier I was – the more my weight load increased (I enjoy weightlifting). Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!

    Like Joe said the other day, your positives definitely seem to outweigh the negatives!!

    You are doing an awesome job!
    Keep your head high, and good luck for when you get back to work!!

    Katie x x

  4. Joe Kennedy says:

    Congratulations on making it through Day 4 Richie – I hope that work went well.

    It's really great that you have written down your goals – you are now amongst the top 5% of the world's population!

    Good news for you the irritability does go away after some time. I'm still an a**hole, but I have noticed that my level of frustration and acting out is slowly diminishing.

    Don't worry about the crying thing – I get that too. We're probably both extra emotional from kicking our former best friend (dope) to the curb – but we're also both better off for it – and we'll continue to take up healthier habits and hang around with healthier friends who are even more reliable than the dope.

    Hang in there man!

    BTW – thank you for watching the videos and helping like and spreading them, but don't worry about that too much. This blog (and the videos) is here for the long haul.

    Also, if and when I mention you in future videos I will make every attempt to refer to you as my friend Richie in Europe. It's funny, I know we haven't actually met, but I do count you and Katie both as good friends. I value you both!

    Keep up the great work!

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